Silhouette Shades-how to clean?

kitkaAugust 2, 2009

Anyone have any ideas how to clean silhouette shades? I bought a home that has 3 of them and they have tiny bugs, etc that get caught inside the pockets (panes). I was told you lightly vacuum them, but I would need an awfully small attachment to get inside each pocket and the shade material is SO fragile it will fray/rip..I am ready to tear all these down and get rid of them because the previous owner never cleaned them. THanks

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You should be able to insert a couple inches of the crevice tool into the pockets. The shade material isn't as fragile as it appears.

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Have you tried blowing them out? My vacuum hose can be reversed to blow out.

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Finding it impossible to remove my silhouette blinds to clean them. I guess there is a tool (thin card) that you need to open the clip that holds them on. Any help. Going crazy. Actually tried using soap and water on them while they are still attached. These are the instructions on the web to remove the blinds. I can't get them off. I do not have the tool and tried using a credit card but it wasn't strong enough." Raise the shading all the way into the
headrail. While holding the headrail, use the quick
release card that came with your order
to release the locking tab on the mounting
brackets. While the locking tab is released, slide the
headrail slightly out from the brackets.Once all locking tabs are released, remove he shading from the brackets.
Lift locking tab to release the headrail.Insert card
between the headrai". Any help would be appreciated.

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GMS31 - Do you have some other brand of Silhouette-like blinds? The HD Silhouettes don't utilize that tool.

Contact the company that made the blinds and ask them to send you the quick release card.

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I have the Hunter-Douglas Silhouettes and they did come with a release tool. Of course I lost it. They say a CC will work, but a thin spatula or chisel tool will do the job too.

I would imagine that going to the store where they were purchased you can ask for a release tool. I'm sure many, many people lose theirs and need another one and they may keep a few on hand. They can't cost that much to hand out. It's just a plastic card type device.

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