Rust stains on concrete driveway

house_elfAugust 27, 2009

Sprinkler system has left rust stains on driveway, stucco and brick. Problem is not so much how to clean off the stains, I think I have found a solution for that, but what is the best product to use to seal the concrete and brick after cleaning, to prevent it from happening again?

Has anyone had success, and if so, what product would you recommend?

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Just a question. Do you have iron in your water that it stained your home?

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Yes, our well water has a high iron content.

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We also have that in our well. I'm afraid your best bet would be to put a water treatment in your system. If you can't afford that, and I can understand cause I've been there, you could invest in a bottle of iron out and periodically spray down the stuff that normally turns red and give it a good rinsing. The bad news is that the iron from your water will probably stick to even sealed materials. You can use a masonry sealer to make it easier to clean, but in my experience there is nothing that will keep it from sticking to whatever the water lands on. As the water evaporates, the iron in the water will simply stay there.

I'm sorry I couldn't give you better news, I hope this helps some.

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