how to get blood and water stains from micro fiber couches

lynne331August 13, 2008

Last night my cat wound up in emergency bleeding from the rectum she had a ruptured gland... the problem is she ruptured all over the cushions to my micro fiber couch... after spending a few hours in emergency, at 1 am I had to come home and clean the mess left behind. Before I left I put plastic bags inside the cushions to prevent anything from seeping into the cushion, When I came home,I used dawn dish detergent on wash cloths and rubbed till the blood came out. I got most of it out thank God! but now that the cusions are dry there is a water ring from where I washed! If anyone has suggestions on what to do now I would be sooooo grateful!

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Hydrogen peroxide will get blood stains out will not harm fabric.

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Exactly, the nurses at the hospital all clued me in to hydrogen peroxide to remove blood. I get kidney dialysis and twice I've had bleeding accidents when my arm "leaked" blood on my clothing. Pour it straight on the blood, wait for it to bubble up, then wash or rinse as needed.

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Lynn - I have a microfiber couch and when I saw a water ring, I took a clean, dry stiff brush (actually an old toothbrush) and lightly rubbed the outline of the water ring. It might want to try that.
I think if it did not, I would rewash the entire surface of the cushion with the same product you used initally. That should eliminate a ring, and make it all look the same.
I hope your kitty is ok. That must have been quite a scare.

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