Small Laundry Room

stitchin1950March 25, 2012

Am I nuts?? Okay just wait a minute and let me explain - - - If you look at the image of the laundry room in relationship to (next to) the walkin closet in the master - do you see the little green line on the separating wall - what do you think of a door into the closet or just an opening into the closet? Yes I will loose some hanging space in the closet but the trade off is direct access from the closet to the laundry room?? The laundry room is small 5'10" x 7'3" and half of that will be washer/dryer/laundry tub. I hang a lot of my clothes before they dry completely in the dryer and there just is not much hanging room in the laundry room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry Room

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hopefully the html code below will display the pic of the floorplan so you don't have to click the link in my first message above

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not crazy but...

If you're thinking of hanging "not quite dry" clothing up in your closet, be absolutely SURE your closet is properly vented to remove the residual moisture. Otherwise all of your clothing could wind up smelling a bit musty. Maybe a bathroom ventilation fan for the purpose but you would need to remember to turn it on whenever you have dampish clothing in the closet.

Another thing you will have to do is make sure that anything you hang up that is still dampish, has PLENTY of room for air to circulate around it. I have a tendency to squash things together in my closet but when I hang damp things up in the laundry room, I always make sure they have plenty of air-circulation space around them. So for me to have a door directly between closet and laundry room would never work. You may be more disciplined about keeping all your clothing well-spaced than I am tho.

If you do decide to put an opening between the closet and laundry room, I'd probably go with a pocket door. Then you could go ahead and put a hanging rod across the opening allowing you to reach in to hang stuff from the laundry room side and you wouldn't really lose any useful closet space.

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I agree about ventilation concerns when hanging damp clothing in a closet among other clothes.

I think your walk-in closet is big enough that it's worth it to sacrifice the wall space for a doorway between the two rooms. You'd probably want it to be a pocket door or just a passageway without a door or you're either (a) going to lose more hanging space with the door swing into the closet or (b) going to have a VERY crowded laundry room.

For hanging damp clothing, maybe you should put a clothes rod above your washer/dryer to hang damp items before they are moved into the closet.

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Is there any way you can bump out a few feet, towards the garage? This would give you some storage on the other wall of the laundry room (against the hall) and a little more room in the walk-in closet.

The pocket door is a good idea :)

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If you do a pocket door, make sure you take this into consideration when you lay out the closet rods and shelves. The wall the pocket door slides into will not be a normal wall, so it will not have the support behind it that a normal wall would have, so attaching things to it becomes more difficult.

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