CC's high shelf option with warming lights?

boxtaApril 3, 2012

Hi guys,

I am pretty much set on getting a cc range (capital), and am leaning towards getting a high shelf with a warming light on the hood. to keep the food before serving, or in between cooking.

i am getting the 36 cc with grill.

my friend made the comment that the shelf would probably block the airflow to the hood, and decrease the effectiveness of the ventilation.. also the under side of the shelf would probably get really dirty...

anyone share experience??

i am also told that capital's shelf is solid stainless steel, no vents... on the other hand.. wolf's shelf is 20 inch high, and full of venting holes, and looks good... i am thinking if it's possible to do wolf's shelf (mount to wall) and put cc in front....

thanks in advance for any comments

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I don't know about the Wolf shelf, but we put the DCS backguard and shelf on our wall over the 36" CC. Fits perfectly width-wise, but we wanted the hood higher than the backsplash goes:

The DCS shelf is made of slats, allowing lots of air flow and is divided in two, with each half shelf removable and able to be put into the dishwasher. Here's a closeup of one of the removable shelves:

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the DCS backguard is looking quite nice too! So did you just get the low trim for CC, and just mount the DCS on the back to the wall??

Any recommendations on where to buy it?

Is your hood wider than your CC? I am also debating between a 36 hood or a 42 hood.. not sure if i need 42, but i imagine it could only be better

what's your experience?


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The part number is BGRU-3036 and we ordered it from our local appliance dealer.

The CC has the 3" high island trim and the backguard attaches to the wall -- here's the installation pdf

Yes, our hood is 42 inches, wider than the CC. I'd highly recommend doing so especially if you get the CC with the grill. And make it 27" deep, not 24". Put it as low as you can (down to 30"). We put it at 34" but maybe could have gone lower, 33 or 32.

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Hi Zartemis

I also have a CC range (friend of boxta). Mine is 48" with grill. Is that a cooper diffuser I see in your setup? How is it working out for you? I see that you have 4 burners covered, is there enough air flow for the back and will the flame burn the side/back of the range with the cover since it will push the flame down and wider?

I'm considering to get some diffuser plate to and can you let me know where you get yours? I"m assuming the are 11" sq?


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noopd, yes, those are copper plate squares.

We mostly use them as dust and grease covers and spare 'countertop' over unused burners.

Being thin copper, they won't noticeably reduce heat transfer to one pot centered. We have used them as mock french top, though, putting several pans on them, off center to the flame underneath. In the rare cases where we cook on top of them, the flame is at its lowest. No errant burn marks (lots of wild copper patina on the plates themselves, now, though), but honestly, we rarely cook on top of them so I can't guarantee you won't have issues if you try to.

We got ours from BellaCopper, but you can get them from any place that has copper plate and will cut and finish the edges for you. BellaCopper overstates the 'diffuser' function of copper plate, I did not expect to find, nor did I find, any difference in simmer temp using these plates with a pot centered over the burner.

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wow thanx. that was very informative and quick!!

I was looking at Bella's website too. But I only found 10" ones and not 11". so you can order 11" from them?

I'm think they maybe useful esp when using small sauce pan..

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Yes, they do custom if you email them. We also got ours without a hole for hanging them.

If you get similar, you might want to get ones for the back burners that are slightly shorter front to back. Although we don't get burn marks on the back vent, you can scratch the metal with the plate up against the back. If you make the ones in the back 11 inches by 10.5 or 10.75, it will fit with a small gap in back. We just offset them forward slightly.

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