this blog post about appliance selection is worth a read

lori_inthenw_gwApril 22, 2014

... even if just for the cartoon!

And here's something to keep in mind, too:
"The web-space is filled with passionate folks who got to that point because they had a bad experience and are eager to share. It is good to know how poor of an experience you could potentially have, but it's tough to understand the likelihood of having that experience solely from reading web posts."

I agree it is helpful to hear about issues others have had, but I have found it really difficult to get an idea about how frequently problems occur. I figure people who have a problem with something are more likely to complain where happy folks just go about their business. But is the ratio of unhappy to happy customers10 to one or 100 to one?

Anyway, this is something I would have found helpful when I was starting the process. Now that our appliances are sitting in the garage awaiting installation, it's more or less academic!

Here is a link that might be useful: article by appliance sherpa

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I love the cartoon! So so true! We bought a floor model 30" all gas Viking range in the 90's. We'd heard of Viking and that's about it. So we went for it, no research, no stress, and it's been wonderful. Now we're redoing our kitchen and the bigger space and our cooking needs really call for a larger range. So we're getting a 36" range. And the research, and worry and looking and more research and so on is ridiculous! Thanks for sharing this.

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Yeah, I sometimes fondly remember the days when you'd just go to the local store, take one pass through it, and point at something. Same for lighting, plumbing, etc. I have a love/hate relationship with the internet!

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The cartoon is pass-around worthy! It's not just the availability of information and reviews, it's the availability of choices too. I was in Loew's looking for an LED lightbulb. The choices were completely overwhelming - LED, Halogen, Incandescent, Fluorescent, flood, spot, wide, narrow, and on it goes. There must have been 800 different ones!

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