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enduringApril 5, 2013

From this:

To this:

My vision
I wanted to blend this bathroom with the kitchen remodel that was done in the summer of 2011. I wanted a nice area for guest to use when visiting. Our other BR is at the other end of the house so not a great choice for guest. I wanted something soothing and “lovely”. I wanted some luxurious aspects to the room too. Overall, with the kitchen and with the BR, there was this theme I had in mind to keep the style of the original build. My Bathroom is a shed roof constructed addition, built on to the house in 1930 or so, when the house got moved from town to the farm. It’s a tiny house. The BR walls still had the original plaster embossed 4x4 tile look wainscot that the plasterer did. So I wanted to keep that style - but make it real tile. I realize having the bathroom off of the kitchen is not a desirable location and I could have closed the door and created a new one on the porch, but I chose to keep the original door location. My sister was surprised. I was originally going to take out the tub and put my W/D in there, but my DS was so sentimental about the room and taking baths there when a (dirty) little guy, that I kept the tub in the plans, scratching the W/D. I wanted to keep the BR looking somewhat similar in cabinet make and style as the kitchen, except painted cabinetry. I had in mind who I wanted to make my cabinets too. I saw some of his work and was impressed. And finally, I wanted to make more soapstone counters ☺ which ended up turning into a sink because I could be assured of a larger sink and still fit my constraint of 18” depth vanity.

So my vision didn't evolve in isolation. I took into account the history of the farm, house, family, function, friends, local craftspeople, and my design.

There were functional issues I wanted to improve upon, and some functional aspects I wanted to keep. I wanted to move the toilet out from behind the door so that the door didn’t bang into the rim each time it was opened. I was surprised that the toilet tolerated this treatment over the years. I wanted a somewhat accessible bathroom in case a wheel chair or walker was in the future. I planned the layout to meet ideal spacing for the most part. That was why I needed the 18” deep vanity and the round bowl toilet that I chose. I selected the tub to be low enough to get dogs and kids in and out of. Storage was a premium and I added roll out shelving and a pull out upper, in a small tower. These new cabinets replicate what was already there, but are new and with more style and function. I may not be able to cram as much junk into the cabinets with the roll outs, but what is there is accessible. I don’t need all that extra stuff anyway. I drew multiple floor plans, measuring everything to be sure the small space could work with my vision. Once I found my measurements I could start the selection of elements to fill the room.

The room was totally gutted down to the studs. All the electrical replaced and all the plumbing taken out and replaced. I kept the flooring and subflooring because the wood was in such good shape and it was probably old growth timber, nice tight grain. Can't beat that. We added 2x8 joist (DH did :) to strengthen the floor for stone tile. I prepped the floor for the self leveling compound to a T as instructed by Bill V.

To add the element of luxury, I put in radiant floor heating. I used a high-end tub filler with shower wand, and matching high-end wall mounted faucet. There is LED lighting under the vanity shelf and behind the mirror for night lighting. I used a marble listello to give some style to the wainscot. And of course my SS sink with the wonderfully lovely vanity base that Brett made for me. Oh, I can’t forget that I put in the slate floor in a herringbone pattern to add another style element. Remembering how Angie DIY cut all her tiles for her kitchen, I cut my 12x12 tiles down for herringbone. Thanks to Mongo for helping me on the layout and the tile cutting equation.

This was a DIY project except for the plumbing and the electrical. All of the heavy stuff got delegated to DH and DS, with me being the boss :) Of course if something needed problem solving, DH stepped up and helped me. Although, he did not help me with the grunting, I mean grouting. He just stayed in his office and periodically asked if I was ok. He has farmed all his life and in a previous life was an aerospace engineer out of college as well as a stint in the army. I used his smarts to help me along the way. I used the remodel forum a lot to figure out how work with the joist/flooring support to ready it for stone. Brickeyee, Renovator8, Worthy, sombreuil_mongrel (aka Casey) helped a lot with that one. Someone commented that it was one of the most over thought floors on the forum in a long time. Mongo and Bill V. helped with both the floor and the tiling. Mongo really explains things well, beyond tile. I went over Stacyneil’s thread about self leveling compound with a fine toothed comb. The JB forum was a lot of help too! I ran by my Ditra issues both here and on JB. Regarding the dry wall Brickeyee was very helpful. He coached me through it all. I had a big hole in my ceiling too that I fixed with the remodel forum’s help.

One benefit of taking a year, is that it gave me time to really think about things before committing to them. Since I have never done this before it was so helpful to have the time to learn. The down side with taking a year is that it gives you time to change your mind on finishes too many times, and end up with not only chrome, but polished nickel, polished stainless steel, worn pewter, and natural iron in the mix! Oh well, it will give it a layered look, right?

One last point, I messed with my Photobucket account last month and all of my old posts no longer have images attached to them !!! :( I will add a few from those old post to show some of the process and progress along the way.


2. Lights, Norwell, Emily sconce 100watts each, chrome

3. Window, Windsor Windows

4. Tub Filler & Hand Shower, wall mounted, chrome, Hansgrohe Axor Montreux with handheld shower

5. Faucet, Hansgrohe Axor Montreux wall mount chrome with cross handles

6. Tub, Kohler Bellwether 837, white cast iron

7. Tub drain, Kohler K-T37397-CP PureFlo™ Victorian Push Button bath drain trim

8. Floor, special order black slate from Home Depot in 12x12 gauged.

9. Floor heating system, 240 volt Warm Wire by Sun Touch; wire system with thermostat and 2 temp probes (one not hooked up but in the electrical box in case the other fails)

10. Tile underlayment, Ditra over the ply that Bill Vincent specifies in his FAQ site.

11. Thin set, Ditra-Set un-modified, for the floor; Hydroment Single-Flex for the walls, modified.

12. Wall tiles:
a. 4x4 white ceramic tiles that I got off of Craigslist

b.listello is “Hampton” marble mosaic from The Tile Shop (I cut it apart because the spacing was not good and some of the tiles where different sizes so where culled)

c. Crown, Johnson Tile that I got off of Craigs List. When I ran out was able to locate them at Best Tile in Syracuse, NY.

d. Base board tile from The Tile Shop.

13. Grout and caulk, Laticrete caulk to match the grout. Spectralock epoxy grout in Silver Shadow for the walls. Platinum and Silver Shadow 3:1 ratio for the floor.

14. Moisture barrier for tub walls, HydroBan

15. Paint, all Benjamin Moore, except lacquer, which was colored to BM colors
a. Bath and Spa for the walls in Bunny Gray

b. Vanity is ML Campbell lacquer, colored to BM “Thundercloud Gray", #2124-40
c. Cabinets, ML Campbell lacquer colored to "Distant Gray" #2124-70
d. Casement around door and window, BM Super White
e. Painted Pine standing cupboard, BM misty gray 2124-60

16. Built-in Cabinets and Vanity, Brett Arganbright, proprietor of River Valley Woodcraft.

17. Sink, Soapstone remnant that I got from Bertini’s Tile and Marble.

18. Counters, Soapstone remnant that I got from Bertini’s Tile and Marble.

19. Toilet, Toto Promenade, round front, ADA height.

20. Toilet seat, Inax Advanced Toilet Seat L-series (round) CW-W130-LU

21. Grab bars, Kohler (?model) 24” and 18” at tub in polished stainless steel. 24” is used as towel bar.

22. Hardware
a. Amerock knobs on vanity and tub cabinet in worn nickel (pewter color)

b. Emtec door hinges (black) and lever handle (Napoli in silver patina on bathroom side and black on kitchen side)

c. Rockler hinges for painted pine cupboard, 3/8'' Inset Partial Wrap Hinges - Oil Rubbed Bronze, 3 pair

d. HD Martha Stewart knobs (black?) x 2, on painted pine cupboard

e. Towel bar on vanity, Baldwin in chrome that I cut down to 13 or 14 inchs.

CLICK on the image and it will take you to Photobucket where the images are shown in a "story board" format that Photobucket has created. I will try this technique and if things don't work out, I will post a few pictures.

edited 4-6-13 to correct the floor warming wire product name to Sun Touch.

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I did not delete the image and when I click on it, it still takes me to the "story board". But I will reattach the link in 2 ways

html link:

Here is a link that might be useful: photobucket story board link

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What a charming, beautiful room! There is so much to love here with all of the lovely details. After seeing in-progress pictures, I've really been looking forward to your reveal and it doesn't disappoint! I think my favorites are your one-of-a-kind vanity and herringbone floor. I love all of the storage you were able to accomplish too. The backlit mirror is especially interesting to me because we are doing that in our guest/son's bathroom. Do you happen to have any photos of how you dealt with installing the light in the back?

I'm sure you must smile when you walk into the room and I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

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Thanks Treasure, thanks for loving my vanity. The carpenter did a fabulous job of taking my concept into the real world. I think my sink looks perfect in there. And I love herringbone. I did my kitchen backsplash in the pattern 2 years ago on a whim and have been so happy with the choice.

The mirror and under vanity lighting is very subtle. The under vanity light provides more light than the mirror light, because it has more open space to spread. I put the LED on a dimmer but really, because the mirror obscures a lot of the light, I keep it on high all the time. Prior to mounting the mirror I would dim the light, because the bare LED strip was fairly bright otherwise. Overall, the light in the room is sort of the intensity of a full moon. It gives a nice glow at night and makes it easy to walk to that end of our small house in the middle of the night if needed.

How I did it (I guess I didn't take pictures):
1) The electrician wired for the low voltage (?) wiring needed for the hard wired LED.
2) I drywalled around it, having the end protruding out of the wall like a tail. I actually put a collar around the drywall hole and caulked the collar in place. I don't know why but I thought it gave a more finished look to the hole in the wall (that is covered by the mirror when finished).
3) I determined the size of the disk that I would need to hold my 24" of waterproof LED strip, This strip will encircle the plywood disk. The sizing needs to accommodate the length of the strip and also the depth of the plywood. I didn't want the plywood to be narrower than my LED strip width. I wanted the disk to protect the strip.So my disk is the size of the strip width. I wonder what the long term effect the disk will have on the mirror backing as the back of my mirror may be resting directly on the painted disk; I can't really tell.
4) The mirror needs to be able to be mounted over the disk without awkwardness or creating a danger of being bumped off the wall.
5) I jigsawed the disk to the size I needed
6) Primed and painted the disk
7) screwed the disk to the wall
8) Mounted the LED to the disk with double sided 3M foam type tape that is found easily at Lowes, Target, etc.
9) I mounted my mirror so that it was a bit extended beyond the disk by having the top mounting extend a slight amount further from the wall then typical, and then applying some of those clear bumper pads at the bottom to keep the mirror parallel to the wall.
10) The key is to have the mirror frame away from the wall so the light can shine out from behind.

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Pictures, please.

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I love your BR, and have been following the progress for months. What are the dimensions of your room? I have a feeling it may be quite similar in size to my main bath, which is my next reno, and I am planning on having the toilet across from the vanity beside the tub, so have been worrying about access space...

Very very few BR's are laid out this way, so it's been hard to get a visual.

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Completely gorgeous and unique (in a good way!). That sink and counter is to die for and there are just so many pretty details. You should be thrilled, as I'm sure you are.

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Hemera, you should be able to click on the image that I posted and be taken to Photobucket where I have an album created. Have you tried that?

Raehelen, here is a floor plan of my drawing. The room is 9.5'x6.5' -The vanity is 36"x18" - The toilet is a round front toilet so that I could get lots of room between the toilet and the vanity for a wheel chair, etc between the fixtures. One draw back to having the vanity across from the toilet is that the sink is out of reach and this is new for me. I had not thought of the functional issue that presents, but I have always lived with a sink within reaching distance from the sitting position. I can kind of reach the tub faucet though. I do really like the advanced toilet seat, I always feel so clean :) Really like the tub cabinet next to the toilet, it is a mini supply station. If the cabinet didn't have a door on it the toilet could have been set a bit closer to the tub so that I could reach the faucet better. As it is, the toilet sets about 16" from the tank side, to the face of the cabinet.

Olychick, thank you so much! You know I am a BIG fan or your bathroom. I am going to recreate a rendition of you vanity cabinet layout in my other bathroom that I am just going to get started. Stay tuned to the BR forum as I post a question regarding your set up.

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I've seen DIY, but a DIY soapstone sink? You are awesome, and so is your bathroom! Fabulous job -- my husband has been talking about backlit mirrors and I can't to show him your album.

Lovely lovely lovely! Congrats and thanks for sharing!

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Enduring, thanks so much for the detailed info on how you backlit your mirror. I think it adds such a nice touch to your already beautiful room.

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I love the soapstone everything and the night lighting is awesome. I'm going back for more peeks for sure. It will help as we finish our new baths. Thanks for all the detail!!


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Lost my post. (HOpe it doesn't end up posting 2X). Yes, looks like our bathrooms are very close to the same size. Mine is 6 and 1/2 feet wide, and 10'3" long. My door opens into the bottom right hand corner next to where your vanity is. I will probably be picking your brain to help me with mine. We will be gutting the Main literally the day the Master is finished, as DH has to re-route all the major plumbing lines, so hopefully both BR's will only be out of commission a day or two.

I have one question right now though. What are you using to generate your floor plans? Did you buy some software?

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Your bathroom is amazing! I am a big herringbone fan, so I have a special fondness for that awesome floor. Your sink and vanity are to die for and I am astonished at how you remembered all the details. Can't wait to see your next project!

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rjr220, Thanks and glad you can use the information. I was hoping that I had a bit more light coming out from behind the mirror. BTW in the daylight you can't hardly see the light emission from the mirror or the vanity.

treasuretheday, glad to be of help to you :) You have been so generous with your feedback to GW members, it is my pleasure to provide you with the details.

OntarioMom, I am so glad you find the information helpful. The soapstone is so pretty, just the way it is. I did not sand it beyond a 120 grit. I like it this way. Last year before I actually started building the sink, I had all intensions of oiling it. But as I started working with it I just could cover the softness of the color transitions. And the color is spectacular with my mirror and vanity. I just don't like the scones so much :( But they'll do for now and sometimes I don't notice that I don't like them:)

raehelen, yes I was wondering about that too. But, lol, you posted on the Bathroom reveal thread that hobokenkitchen started a few weeks ago. And that is where I replied. I had to look in my "trash" to figure out were my reply to your went. So look there and all will be revealed.

sparklebread, thank you very much for the complements especially the one about my memory;) Yes, i'm a big fan of herringbone too. I may just do it again in my next bathroom project that I am working up the gumption to start.

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So beautiful!!!

(love the frog, too!)

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Jaw-droppingly beautiful and functional. The perfect marriage of form follows function in gorgeous fashion.

Can I come and visit?


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Thank you both for your kind words, thanks so much for looking and sharing your thoughts with me.

Cat_mom, I love that frog too. He sat for years in the dining room by the clock, they both came from my DH's DA (dear aunt) after she past away. Now he has is spot in a nice shady bathroom and feels more at home in the spa like atmosphere.

Mabeldingeldine, of course you can come and visit :) I think you would like what else I have up my sleeve. Yesterday I took some pictures of the old granary that is on the farm. I have wanted to make it a place for guest or a quiet summer studio. I will post a few picts, I know its off topic, (thats how I ended up with too many metals in my BR) I have a location too for the building. Tell me what you think. I want to post it over on the remodel forum or, I think there might be a small house forum. I will have to take a look:
I think the building is probably 8x10'. Isn't the sky beautiful!

And this would have to come with (thats paint droppings and not bird droppings):

And put it over there someplace along the windbreak. It is north of the barn which is north of our house. So the site is a ways off and secluded:

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Hi enduring , I am in the process of buying all what I need for my bathroom redo in a couple of weeks. I love the way you laid your floors with grey and sliver grout. I am going whith white marble , that I still need to find . I want white marble with just a grey pattern in it , not grey marble as most is . The only one I found is calcata , which is outrageously expensive . I got an air tub Bain ultra and I am going with the same faucet the axor Montreux , but the deck mount version . Where did you buy yours ? The least expensive one I found is from quality bah for 789.00 . I have a separate shower , and am using the axor Montreux shower system with a rain can , hand held shower with bar and 2 body sprays. I am going with a toto toilet too , but the drake 2. I like yours , is it the soirée . I'll check it before ordering . I am going to buy most of my blumbing from plumb tile , they have the best prices. I hope their products and service are good too. I am crossing my fingers. Do you like your faucets ? I am going with this model because of the spout reach , because the tub has a rim , and I don't want to put the faucet entering the tub or on the other side ( too far to reach ) . You dd a great job on your bathroom , I hope mine turns out nice too.

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Thank you Lillo for your complements. You will like the Montreux I believe, I really like mine. The wall mount sink faucet has an adjustable spout. I fell in love with this line early on in my remodel. I decided that getting them was my splurge. I knew that my sink was going to be irregular because it is hand made. So I thought the adjustable sink spout would make placing the water fall over the drain hole easy. It is dead center :) The tub filler is very nice too. This is not our primary bathing bathroom, but I used it almost exclusively for the kids when they were small. I wished I could have bought the matching towel bars, but the bar for the vanity would have been too long. I also knew that I wanted grab bars at the tub for safety and Hansgrohe doesn't make a grab bar.

I got my tub filler on Ebay, and the sink faucet from an online site, but I can't remember which one. I went with chrome because the tub filler on Ebay was chrome and the price was right.

My toilet is the Toto Promenade. I needed the old fashioned look. My next bathroom project I'll go with a more sleek model I think. The toilet works great. The Drake 2 is reportedly a wonderful toilet. My plumber swears by the Drake.

Have fun with your remodel and I hope to get to see the finished project :)

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enduring, you are an inspiration. You've created such a beautiful space. It's been fun to read about the transformation and I am beyond impressed that the sink in particular was DIYed. You are very talented! I hope you enjoy your new space for many years to come.

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Hello enduring,

Your bathroom is fantastic! From design, implementation, application to your reveal, every aspect is fabulous.

Thank you for sharing the information and experience, as well as showing us the right approach we should take while planning for remodeling.

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Pipdog, thank you so much. I am a great admirer of your bathroom remodels! I am so happy that you are liking what I did. I have been enjoying my bathroom very much.

Azmom, I am humbled by your statements. I am very pleased to hear your comments related to inclusiveness and connectedness. That is very much my intention in what I try to do, not only in the remodel but in life in general; I might often fall short. May we all aspire to better lives.

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Enduring, I love, love, love your bathroom. The floor tile-sublime. The sink-so original, and such a perfect fit for a "sophisticated farm" look. I also love your night lighting! Great idea that I may have to figure out a way to replicate.

And DIY?? That's the craaaaazy part. I so admire how you dove in and figured it all out. It is beautiful.

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Your sink. Your sink. Your sink. Your sink. Your sink. Your sink.

Did I mention your sink?
Beautiful and unique bath!

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Shanghaimom, Thank you for the love and complements! Did you read my explanation on how I mounted the back lighting on the post dated April 5 at 2205? With this project, it was fun to do "the figuring" but oh, I got tired of "the doing". I am so glad its done. But with all my complaining about the project, to myself and family, I have already drawn up most of the plans for the next and only other bathroom in the house. I have arranged a dumpster for Thursday, and plumber too, to start the demo in two days.

VictoriaElizabeth, well well well, its the esteemed creator and owner of that beautiful victorian bathroom and terrific blog. Thank you so much for fancying my sink. I have to tell you that I have enjoyed your posts on GW and your blog. Your home is lovely. I had so much fun reading on your blog about the trip you took with your friend some years back. That was SUCH a charming story. You are a very good and entertaining writer.

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I thought I had already posted, but it is worth saying again: fabulous bathroom! I just love it. Enjoy! My favourites bits are the vanity (of course) and the floors. I love herringbone patterns!

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Sochi, thanks so much. I have so appreciated your support in this project. I've admired all your projects and I'm honored to hear your comments.

I am now off to another bathroom project - and I've got plans:)

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Enduring, I love the granary project! That is a great way to re-use the building, and create a great place for art making, meditation, yoga, reading, or just hanging (hiding!) out. That fieldstone step in the front of it is wonderful!!

Will you add some windows? Will it be 3-season or will you insulate? I can see one of those tiny pot-bellied stoves in there in my minds eye, and a comfy chair with a footstool.

What a great project! Will this be before or after your next (cannot imagine!) bathroom project? I will look for it on the other forums. And believe me, I just might come and visit. Not this summer, but maybe next. We are still recovering from our 8 week road trip out west last summer, but are already talking about the next one! Of course, you are always welcome here in Maine!

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Mabeldingeline, Hi there. Yes I think windows are in order. But I had the plumber out today and the pumbing in the second bath is now OUT. The walls are exposed behind the old 1970's tub surround and it's not good. This was a project that probably should have taken place 10 years ago. Oh well. Once the plaster comes off I will know better what is underneath.

The Granary will have to what.

I bought remnant soapstone again today. After a few weeks trying to find a narrow farm house sink that would fit my planned new remodel, I am going to build another sink. The stone is very somber. I have a lead on some Calcutta that will be cut soon and there may be remnants of that left over for a counter. I might have to scrounge a bit to get the right combo of somber ss sink and countertop. I've been drawing my stuff up for the last 3 weeks. I think I want a simple Japanese look. I can kind of see it.

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Enduring, you should watch the Bronson Pinchot Project episodes on the elf house he created, it'd be very helpful to you if you end up doing what you suggest with that granary.

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Thanks Kevin, but what is a Bronson Pinchot Project (I live in a cave:) Tell me more. I'll google it.

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It's on the DIY Network. Remember Perfect Strangers? He's Balki, and he's started an architectural salvage remodeling show based on his Greek revival house in central Pennsylvania.

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Kevin, I looked him up on DIY but couldn't find the elf house. It linked 14 short videos to my search, though after I watched 4, that I thought might relate, nothing did. I don't have cable, nor does he look familiar (not much for TV). But the shorts were entertaining. I can see why it is popular.

I will want to post this grainary (how we spell it in the midwest) project on the small house forum &/or the remodel forum.

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Oh, enduring!! What can I say? It is so lovely. What a transformation. Each element is so lovely in and of itself -- AND yet somehow the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I love the herringbone floor. (Thanks for the shout-out, by the way.) And ditto VictoriaElizabeth -- the sink the sink the sink! I adore the joinery, and I adore the subtle design!

It is all so beautiful. Congrats!

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Wow! So beautiful. I can't believe it's a DIY project. You did a wonderful job, enduring. Thank you very much for sharing.

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Thanks Angie I am so happy that you've seen this. I owe you a big THANK YOU! for helping me get the courage up to do the sink. And when you asked if I was going to make another one I thought you were crazy. But, the bathroom wasn't done and I was really feeling overwhelmed with the project. I started drawing up plans for the next bathroom before I finished. I surprised myself. Since I couldn't find a sink that I liked for my needs, I decided I am going to do it again. I have the stone on my patio. It is another remnant. This piece is very quiet. When I was looking for this new remnant I found an orphan piece that belonged to the slab that produced this 1st sink. So I bought it. $5/sf for all the stone, not bad for my pocket book.

Janesylvia, thank you for you complement. I am very pleased with the space and happy that I am done. It was a long remodel. As I embark on the next bathroom, I have my sights on June as a finish date, we'll see.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

enduring, thank you for the link. I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your work and your DIY spirit. The bathroom is beautiful--it came together perfectly, but with that sink, how could it miss? :)

I know the next sink, and the next bathroom, will be just as wonderful.

The granary project will be so much fun for you. I have a large stone (which I dragged down off the hill), as a step for my long-neglected buttery/potting shed. I'm looking forward to seeing your new retreat.

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Thanks Mama_goose, very much. We are enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. But my DH still wont touch the advanced toilet seat LOL.

I don't know if I will get to the grainary project this year or not because of the second bathroom project. I also have another room I need to paint. I'm excited though, about moving the building. I'll keep thinking about it. I want the site to really look like it belongs to the building, and vise versa.

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Did this remodel last summer. We never planned to go this modern but we got the vanity and granite counter top for $300 at menards. It's a $1500 vanity special made and the people who paid for it never came to pick it up. It sat in the store for 2 years and that's how we got such a great deal

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skipper, what is this post about???

I don't see a vanity.

I do not click on links posted by people who just register on the same day they post.

I am suspicious.

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Sorry about that enduring. I hope this pictures come through

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Still upside down, but that seems to be common these days. I like the scene. The mirror looks very pretty with everything you have. And I see you have a clock. I have one in my room too. I can't see the vanity though.

I like the wall color too with what looks like a slightly red dark wood. What color are your walls, I love reddish wood with light blue.

Your toilet area looks very nice too.

I have to ask how did you happen to pull up this old thread to post your pictures? How come you didn't start your own thread?

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Actually, the walls are grey color

Regarding my own thread, I didn't even think about it.

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Yes do it :) I will give you a link from the Kitchen forum that has been very helpful. It has a bunch if information. There is a sticky that is at the top of each kitchen forum page too, but this link is more inclusive. It will describe how to post multiple pictures, change fonts, and more. Buehl is the member who used to keep this thread posted. Go down the multiple postings in this thread to see different topics. Eventually you will run out of topics and just see the posts bumped to keep the thread on the first page. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: New to Kitchens...

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I have seen glimpses of this post in other places but this is the first time I've read the "reveal." I had always admired your bathroom but this reveal takes my admiration to a whole new level --- You are Amazing!! I think you need your own show cause you sure would give Martha Stewart a run for her money.

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I love your tile choices. The gray border is a nice touch.

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Thanks so much BirchPoint and garden77. I am still loving my bathroom.

BirchPoint, you got me to thinking that there are just people, things, and experiences that really touch us. It is joyous when this happens.

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I am here for bathroom re-design with the mirror topic. I love my bathroom & changing the design in every 6 months. I think framed decorative mirrors are the best things to decorate bathroom with mirrors. I attached the new & fresh designed capture of my bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: framed decorative mirrors

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enduring, I flagged the above spam so hopefully it will go poof.

I just noticed it no longer works to click on the images in your story board (since the conversion to houzz.) But the green link to the photobucket story board still works, in your second post above. Maybe you could post it again here in the comments, since the thread is active again, and folks might not see that one link that still works.

That's a great documentation of a project. Drawings, paint sample testing, in progress photos, and final pics. The level of detail you included in your text is ***fabulous***. To me, this level of sharing (which takes a lot of time and work!) is really the heart of GW.

I'm going back later to your story board link, to do more reading. I'm currently repainting our bathroom and working on ideas about how to make some real improvements, so the timing of this thread to resurface is good for me. (Although I still banished that spammer...)

Thank you!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I was surprised to see this thread on my activity/member page, but enduring, it's nice to see your pretty bathroom, again. :)

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