Cleaning house with pet odor

harrisba2August 2, 2012

My sister bought a new house and it has pet odors. She found out after settlement that the previous owners were hoarders and had several animals living in the house. The previous owners replaced all the flooring so she has new carpets but the smell is still there. They also painted the walls. Any suggestions on how to eliminate the odors? Thanks so much for your help!!

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It usually the flooring that is soak and that has been replaced. If the people did all they said they did then I don't think there is any hope of getting the smell out. Sorry.

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If the flooring and carpets were replaced, that's about all you can do. Maybe repaint using Kilz Paint Primer (Oil or Latex) and then with their chosen colored cover coat. After that, just keep windows open as much as possible. Good Luck.

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Did the previous owners replace the flooring under the carpet, or just the carpet? The odors could have soaked into the flooring under the carpet. She'd have to take up the carpet and either replace the subfloor or treat it with something like Nature's Miracle.

If the smell got into the walls, Kliz is designed to block odors, so the walls would have to get a coat of Kilz and then a new coat of paint.

You can use a black light to find cat urine stains on surfaces. Cat pee is one of the most difficult smells to get rid of.

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We had a cat odor problem in one of our houses. (Our cats did not like our baby.) It had soaked into the subflooring. After removing carpet, vigorous cleaning with Nature's Miracle, vinegar, and baking soda we painted the subfloor with Kilz prior to installing new carpet. The odor seemed to disappear.

BTW--kept the baby, had to get rid of the cats.

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Check out the "Air duct cleaning" post also in this forum- a remarkable amount of odor can be trapped in air duct filth.

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Did they tell you of this problem? In our state there is a disclosure law, you have to tell of problems with the house.

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It depends on the stain because there are various eco-friendly stain remover which is quite easy to remove pet odor stain. you can used white vinegar and baking soda with a little bit water mix up all ingredients in a spray bottle and spray it on a stained area and soaked with a paper towels and newspaper to remove pet stains.

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"white vinegar and baking soda with a little bit water mix up all ingredients"


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I discovered Friday that my cat has been peeing on my LR carpet. Over the weekend I have removed all the carpet & pad. I've also had to replace about 1/3 of the wood in the subfloor. I'm not taking any chances. If it has a stain, I'm cutting it out & replacing. I read today that you can find cat pee with a black light. I'm buying one tomorrow and going over every inch of the subfloor!

I'm replacing the carpet with laminate. It's costing $2100. I cont know what to do with the cat. I can't have him ruining the new floor!

Good luck. Cat pee is just awful.

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I read an article about mixing vinegar and soda, nothing good comes from it. It was mainly about using it as a drain cleaner and written by a chemist. She said, when mixed together, they neutralize each other. Use one or the other.

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I'd try mixing white vinegar and water, dab on any stains, let it dry. This may help with odor. I also like to use Resolve Powder on my carpets. I don't like mixing chemicals. I tried the baking soda/vinegar on my kitchen drain, what I ended up with was a solid block in my pipe that required a plumber.

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I would suggest you to go for professional odor removal service that can be taken from any certified restoration firm.

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