Need help with this master bath

skob123March 28, 2014

Very new to this site. We are about to break ground soon and I need some help with this mater bath layout. I would like to be able to access this bathroom from the main living area also. Ay ideas how I could rearrange things? Would like to add small closet for towels, etc. I don't need to have the toilet separate. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Maybe the toilet could go up/rotate 90 degrees CCW. The wall currently behind the toilet could stay the same but the dead space created from moving the toiletcould become a hamper/towel closet.

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Can you post a better picture? a top view.

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I hope this picture helps a little more. I don't think the space is utilized as good as it can be. Thanks for everyone's help. I really do appreciate it.

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This is quick and dirty:

Make WC smaller. 4x5 or 4x5'-5" is big see pic below
You can take some angle off wall behind sinks and still have entry to master bed

Another option: change where WC door is located. Most of the time that WC door can stay closed and even if open there is still room to access bath

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What a weird original layout!
I am sure we can do better. :)

Do you need 2 doors to the bathroom? Or, would a single door from the hallway suffice?

Who will be using this bathroom? Master on main? with guests visiting house too? Or, occasional overnight guests? or?

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I would like 2doors to access this bathroom. The master bedroom is connected (on the top of the picture ). The other bedroom will be my daughters. This is a ranch layout. The great room is to the left so I would imagine this bath will be used frequently. I was never a big fan of WC so I really don't need toilet to be separate. I would like to incorporate a make up area somewhere if I could. Any thoughts are soooo much appreciated. I keep staring at this and can't come up with a solution.

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My offering:


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If there this is going to be used a lot, I suggest to give the toilet some privacy. Door to toilet is optional.

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Whichever design you end up with, I'd skip the second sink in favor of more drawers. Since this bathroom will be used by many, you'll want all your toiletries tucked away in drawers with a minimum of personal items (toothbrushes, etc.) on the counter. I don't think the second sink will be nearly as handy as more storage.

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I think I am getting close. I like switching the vanity to where the door is now and moving the door where vanity is. If I make this a single door instead of double as naf suggested, I might be able to squeeze in either a make up area or another small closet. This is such an awesome websight! Thank you!

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Get rid of the space robbing angles and reconfigure. Also ad a small window in toilet partition for venting and natural light. Privacy glass if desired.

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For your specific needs this might work better.

The small recessed areas at each side of vanities are medicine cabinets but if you do not want them I'd leave the space instead extending the vanities. They will look nicer separated from wall.

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I really like the make up area in between the double sink. My only concern with this layout is the doors banging against each other. I have 3 teenagers and none of them know how to shut a door or turn out a light! Thank you again for all your help. :)

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