Soap Scum on tumbled stone shower

kristimamaAugust 23, 2009

Hi everyone,

Can you recommend the best way to remove the soap scum from the tumbled stone (travertine) floor in my shower? And maybe something that'll lift off the layer of gross pink soap scum/moldy grime that's embedded in the groutlines, too.

We've been using nothing stronger than liquid palmolive (per our tile guy's recommendation) for about 18 months now, but about 6 months ago the stones and nearby grout has just looked awful. It's a daily battle now in the area directly below where we stand and rinse off. Seems like we're scrubbing once a day and each time we return it's baaaaack.

I just bought something from Seventh Generation for showers, as an alternative to the old school "Shower Power" type product we might have used before we installed this new bathroom. But then I noticed it said "Not on Marble" (which I interpreted as really not on any stone.)

I know I'll need to reseal the stone once I manage to get all this grimy nastiness out of my shower. I just want to get it really clean before I reseal, and would prefer not to have to use horribly toxic cleaners to do it.

It might also be nice to know what products I could use on a daily basis after it's resealed, to delay us getting here again. (And I know that I should switch to a liquid body wash, but we all have sensitive skin and cetaphil bar soap is about the only thing that we can use.)



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Someone told me to use Supreme surface cleaner which removes water deposits and soap scum . I ordered from Amazon. Have not received yet so do not know if it works. I will let you know. Should receive in a couple of days.

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marble is quite delicate to deal with. I'm not that knowledgable about these kinds of things but I've read something that just might help. This article will show you what products to use with sample tests on a marble surface. Hope you find it useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleanign Solutions (Test on Marble)

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