Some Of My TS Items Found Their Niche...

slinkeyMay 25, 2011

It's getting tougher to put things away (like most of us here)... as I expand my collections.

I did some rearranging on my two small hutches and was able to put some of the new things I bought, on display.

I also ordered a Extra Large Metal Office Cabinet on line, that DH is putting together for me. It's going in the basement, and that should help store many seasonal pieces.

What I like about it, is that I won't have to pack eveything in bins all the time (it's so much work). Also,

this winter when I was at Home Depot, they had a sale on modular shelf units (real cheap) & (quite strong) and I bought several of them to put down there too. I'm an 'organized neat freak' and I've got to have things stored that way...or I get 'ugly' !! lol are some of my 'new TS goodies' in place...

Bunny nice and cozy snuggled in this hutch,

among some of my Ironstone..I don't think he's necessarily an 'Easter Bunny', so I'm going to keep him out for awhile.

I took two pictures ..the second picture (different lighting)... I think shows more detail of him .

This is the large Tureen that I was interested in buying...but didn't know that the man wanted to sell EVERYTHING with it for just $5... This piece alone was worth much more than that...

On my small white hutch...I put some of those $5 dishes.. also the Duck Tureen...He might be a little too large for this space...I'm still deciding if I should move him or not...what do you think?

On the left is a large pitcher that was part of the $5 dishes... I also put the little Ironstone covered dish in front of it.. and snuggled in the back is one of the cups that Punk sent me.

On the middle shelf...on the left, is the Small Tureen from the same set of $5 dishes..(can you imagine all that was part of the sale)...? I also stacked some of the cups from the set..

Finally, on the top shelf - on the left, is the Original Teapot that I had and now I have a Sugar & Creamer to go with it...

I had to put away several pieces to make room for all the new/old things...but that's okay - they'll work good there probably thru the Summer !

Thanks for taking the time to look...


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Jane, I am green with envy, not only for the great $5 dishes but esp for your basement storage. I would love to have a basement. You did a great job of displaying everything. the pink and white dishes complement each other so well.
beautiful!, Tfs, Janet

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Jane, first you taunt us with what a great deal you found on the dishes, and now you rub it in by creating this fabulous display in your hutch!!!
It looks maah-vuh-lus dahling!

I also love the bunny in his new home. I wish I had space for 2 hutches like yours. I love how you are able to create all the different displays.
My china hutch in my dining room has glass doors and just doesn't lend itself to the type of stunning displays you create. I especially like the birds on the candleholder.

Wowza, great job.


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Wow, your TS finds are looking GOOD! I was LOL today as I got to go on a day trip w/some former co-worker friends & here I came across the coffee pot & small tureen in your new white dish pattern! (knowing that you need a top for your coffeepot...but the price was too high!)

I love these dishes w/your Ironstone...looks very lovely...the rabbit, WOW...fits there quite nicely! And your large tureen looks beautiful on the side table or entry table? You got a 'pitcher,' too! WOW! What a find!

I did get a few nice things today ... a couple of ceramic baby chicks...pair for $3 & a couple unusual patterned soft yellow napkins ... plus 4 dragonfly napkin rings...& 4 bamboo napkin rings...a very good day w/special friends!

Now I must find time to post something soon...TFS, jane...your displays are wonderful! Jeanne S.

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Jane, I get a little unhappy when things don't have a special place too. I don't have a basement but alot of cupboards, 4 china cabs, lg entertainment center and closets for storing all my finds. I also have a lg shop but like to keep seasonal things out there.

I really like your new displays and we all need a change now and then. How are you going to decide what dishes to use on your next white ts? You have so many pretty pieces to choose from.

DS just ask if I would clean his home while he's gone for the long weekend. I was thinking I would catch up on some of my own things but I know I will be spending alot of time organizing his place instead.

Jeanne, hope you share a picture of your new goodies. Nice to hear you had a fun day w/friends.


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Thanks ladies...
Glad you liked where I put my TS finds.

janet..I just recenly started to spread out to the basement. I prefer the attic, but I think it would be real hard not having that basement for overflow. I think then, for sure, I'd have to have a shed !! lol

candy, the small black hutch is in my DR across from my Large Hutch with glass doors. I found a way to add a second one to the room. You're right, you don't to see your displays with the doors. The small white hutch DID have doors at one time. When DH made it, I orginally wanted the doors..then after having it that way for yrs...decided to have him remove them - and paint it shabby white, for a whole different look -

jeanne...sounds like you had a Realy Nice day with friends...and did some fun shopping too! Awww I'm touched you thought of me when you saw that coffee pot. Remember it's ONLY the top I The table with the tureen on it, is in my DR.
I'll look forward to pictures of your new finds.

Punk...when you're finished with your DS house...can you swing by mine ??? !! lol You are a good Momma!
I often wondered about your 'large shop' that you keep things stored in. Is it like a large building? Sounds
like a 'treasure trove' of goodies...especially when you say you 'found - this or that' and din't know you had it!!


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Jane, everything looks just so pretty! Your ironstone collection is wonderful. Rabbit tureen is definitely not an Easter Bunny, LOL. He can be for any time and any where. Mine (bit different bunny lid) is now on my kitchen counter.

I love your displays!
hugs, Karen

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Well it looks like all the new treasures are all settled in and happy as can be. Everything works so well together. I'm not even going to go into the storage debate, it's simply to depressing at my house. I'm happy to see that you have solved some of yours and can keep on collecting.

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You made them all fit right in Jane, they look wonderful! Yep, the bunny is for anytime of the year, he's darling. These ironstone pieces sure go well with your red/white too. Wish I had a basement too, although Kathleen oftens moans about having to carry things up and down her's. I still remember when Judith was going to put storage shelves in her garage for the "overflow", remember?


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Jane, you did a wonderful job displaying your new treasures!
I love your red transfer ware. The Ironstone complements it beautifully.

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Marlene Kindred

Jane, I just can't get over what a BARGAIN you got in those $5 dishes...amazing! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tureens...big one and small one! Your hutches look so lovely...and your bunny and duck tureens look right at home too!

Such a pretty setting in both!

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Thanks Karen...
Nana - Marlene

As much as I enjoy 'finding' great buys...It's really getting harder and harder to store them..I'm beginning to feel like a 'hoarder'..and I'm always thinking that one day when I'm gone..they're going to say ' this was one crazy lady' with so much 'junk' !!

I know you ladies understand what I mean....
Glad you enjoyed


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It looks beautiful! All displayed so nicely! I need you to come organize my basement. But just carrying things up and down has become quite a pain. I am trying to carve out more room on the main floor for the dishes for tablescapes, but I don't know where else to stash the stuff!
I really must purge...really! :)

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Thanks Kathleen...
I'm with you on carrying things up from the basement...but I really have no choice. Ever since DD and the kids moved in, I've given up half my house! So this is the best I can do for now. It's either that or - like you - 'purge'!


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Jane, I was looking through you post again and I noticed the silver cigarette box... [sorry I missed it the first time]. I have one like it, mine has a matching lighter. Great little conversation piece. There was a time when entertaining a good hostess would have cigarettes available for her guests.

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slinkey're right - cigarettes/fancy ashtrays & lighters
were 'Must Haves' !!
I was talking to my Dad about when he was in the Army during WW11 and they were given cigarettes free...He said that's when he started to smoke - it calmed your nerves..!
Who Knew !!


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