Help please - cleaning fabrc on athletic shoes?

lynne_melbAugust 18, 2008

Hi all,

I've got some athletic shoes with fabric on the outside. They are much cooler than all leather shoes, which is great here in Florida. However, the fabric gets much dirtier than leather. If you combine my household of 4 dogs and the rainy season, my new shoes are a mess already. Any suggestions on how to clean them? My sister uses the Mr Clean eraser on all leather shoes, but I fear that this would damage the fabric.

Thanks much,


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Washing machine....several old towels some oxyclean and detergent.
pretreat with an enzyme cleaner like Bix and stuff dry towels in to dry in the sun. Rempoe the towels after a few hours and replace with dry ones.
Like new!
Linda C

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Washing machine and let them air dry.

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Thanks Lindac and Patser,

I really appreciate. Sorry it took so long to reply. We're in Melbourne Florida. Tropical storm Fay was overhead from Monday night and it's still raining as of 4am Friday morning. Total rain in my area 36 hours ago was 21 inches. Not sure how much more we had since them.

Now I really need to clean the shoes (lol) Patser, I'm not sure, I may have seen an email from you to my email account. I've been deluged (pun intended) with emails from friends and family from around the company. Luckily, we are fine and so are my friends and family. I kid you not now I have to research how to handle cleaning some wall to wall carpets that got a little water from water seeping in from the ground. Not a lot, but new problem for me. Again, our problems are minimal especially compared to all in my county (southern Brevard county on east coast of Florida. We also have to take care of screen enclosure that almost took flight during change in wind. Again, we are fine, not huge problems. We've only been here a little less than 4 years. We are experts at snow issues from Chicago suburbs. This is a bit new for us. By the way, here's a cleaning tip. Do not have 4 white dogs that need to be taken out at least 4 times a day in a rainy climate. LOL.


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I work in Hospital, and white shoes are expected. I never buy the ones with fabric on top of shoe, and if I get ones with fabric tongue, I am sure to Scotchguard it as soon as I get them home. Had made them look better longer. I am weary of throwing them in washer, although my sis does frequently with her teen boys and hers. Never thought they would hold up to that very well, and cant afford time or $ to run out and buy more on spur of moment...

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