How to remove tire mark on cotton clothing

lazycookAugust 4, 2010

Have black tire marks on my cotton capris after being run over by the tires. Have used my favorite spot remover before washing but it didn't work. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the marks?

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I have the same problem like you.


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I'm wondering if the tire marks are rubber residue or just muddy dirt? I don't know if rubber can be removed. I learned long ago to take stained clothing to a good dry cleaner. Don't wash them first, you might just be setting the stain in permanently.

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The tire marks are definitely rubber residue. My capri has already gone through the washer several times uisng different spot removers. Since it was my favorite it makes me sad to have to dump it.

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Have you tried Lestoil? My husband came home with a few big marks on his khakis one day--it was blackish, dirt-like oil. For some reason I didn't think of the Lestoil first but used Dawn instead (which works for my fresh stains, which this was). I pre-treated for an hour then washed and dried, forgetting to check about the stain. Pants came out dry and still had the stain! I immediately put Lestoil on the stain and left it over night. Laundered again the next day, and stain is completely gone!

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Try WD-40. Let it set 4 a few hours and then put Dawn in it. This works 4 tar, so it may work for this. The main ingredient is, fish oil.

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