tips for eliminating new carpet smell?

joleedeeAugust 28, 2009

I live in an apartment and the carpet (which is actually a year old) still reeks! I have gotten the carpet steam cleaned and have been airing out the room for days, but it still smells like new carpet. I've done some research and found that it most likely comes from the glue or backing underneath the carpet. I am sensitive to this smell and it makes me wheezy and have a sore throat. Does anyone know of anything that has worked for this situation? Do you think that getting some area rugs to cover up the carpet would cover up the odor?

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Try sprinkling baking soda around, wait a few minutes then vacuum.

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i will try that today and let you know how that goes, thank you.

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i sprinkled baking soda around and left it overnight and vacuumed the next day, it seemed to make little difference. the room does smell better when there's a lot of wind and cross ventilation, but when the windows are closed it gets bad pretty quick. do you think an area rug would cover up the outgassing? or should i put in hardwood floors?

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What are the carpet and the underlay made of?

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If the odor in the carpet has not dissipated in a year, it's not going to. And I can't see how area rugs would help.

For the sake of your health, move out of that apartment.

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