Framed or Unframed Wall Oven

Lucybear05April 15, 2012

We are getting a wolf wall oven. The look and feel of the kitchen overall is minimalist, relatively modern, etc. and the appliance look is to be minimalist/commercial. Should we get framed or unframed? I am thinking unframed...but please give me your thoughts.

I am going to cross-post this on the kitchen thread - wasn't sure which place would be more appropriate.


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Unframed may be what you want considering your minimalist/modern aesthetic, however I think the framing makes it look more commercial so ??? :) I'm getting framed w/a framed trim for the steam oven (on top of the convection), my kitchen is country, the unframed seemed to 'modern' to match the BS range and the framing, while not great, I think will work better. The L series looks better to me but makes the steam oven look out of place as it looks more like the E series. That's my .02........

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Funny, that I gave almost the same answer on this question on the kitchen forum... I felt modern and minimalistic meant the frameless, but commercial was more stainless and led me to the framed. Kind of nice to know someone sees it the same way. I also chose the framed E series for our sort of retro/farm looking kitchen with pro-looking appliances.

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