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hostarhodoMay 24, 2011

Last month I did a dessert for a local wedding (139). I made chocolate cups the size of large muffins and filled them with no-bake cheesecake then added mandarin oranges on top. The wedding colors were yellow and orange. Added a fanned strawberry and a slice of kiwi on opposite sides of plate, in the front was a very small scoop of orange-mango frozen yogurt and then 1/2 of a chocolate filled rolled wafer. It looked great with lots of color. A big hit.

The next week my daughter was in a Relay For Life Fundraiser so I made more chocolate cups with cheesecake and topped with fanned strawberries. Sold them for $2.00 ea.

Had a memorial service at the hall for a former client, made more, one bite size now, then this past weekend a 90th birthday for a lady down the road, more small ones, (dark and white chocolate) with strawberry, kiwi, and cantelope pieces on each. All big hits. The fun is watching people try to take the paper off the cups when there actually is none.

I made a chocolate basket for the birthday using a coffee filter in a fluted pan added chocolate coated strawberries and cherries along with 2 bite sized cheesecakes, her name and 90. She loved it. Another for my 9 year old GS. Will make some for the hospital fundraiser this weekend.

Have to make 150 small ones for the wedding of my former babysitter's daughter.

Not sure how big I can make the chocolate containers. With all the containers and bowls I got I will have fun trying.

Also trying to make different seashell shapes (already did a scallop shell) for DD wedding for next year. This is all practice. I had not done any of this before that first wedding last month.

To make everyone druel, peanutbutter cheesecake is next on the list for filling the cups.

Sorry this is so long, but it is fun making them.


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BETTY....You have me drooling reading about ALL those fabulous desserts! I can't believe you only just started and are turning out large quantities for so many different occasions and even selling them!
Wow..that's some accomplishment.
Sounds like you are really loving what you do and are successful at it too...Makes me smile !


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Betty, all of this sounds so wonderful. Hope you will be able to share pictures with us one day. You sound like a very busy lady who loves to create beautiful desserts. I'm DROOLING too!


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there goes my keyboard from drooling. And my tummy is growling loud enough for you to hear.

While you're making all those fabulous CHOCOLATE goodies,
you need to find a way to send thru here to us too. LOL.
Peanutbutter Cheesecake????????? Oh man.
You sure know how to torment a person.

hugs, Karen

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They sound wonderful, Betty.
I would never have the patience.

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It's probably just as well that you don't have pictures of these, because we are all drooling just from the descriptions! LOL If there were pictures that showed these beauties, we would be jumping through the screen to get at them!
You really do need to start posting pictures as we are crazy for them on here. If I could learn, anybody can! Do you have a digital camera?


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Fantastic that you are learning to make these. I remember a work party where they had chocolate bowls filled with ice cream and we all thought they were so elegant and yummy too! You will be making everyone very happy with your new "talent" for sure. ;o)


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