XO Range Hoods Anyone? Like? Dislike?

swisscookApril 16, 2011

The Range Hood is for a 30" AG professional range...sealed burners.

XO and Vent-a-Hood recommended...600cfms/36"

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I have the XOP pyramid shaped hood over my 30 inch Wolf rangetop. It's 600 cfm and that's plenty for us. I rarely use all 4 burners at once. I can see the steam and smoke getting sucked up even on low setting (it has 3 settings). The light is also quite bright, which I like.

I got the XO over the Zephyr of the same style because of the extra CFM, tough it was a bit more expensive.

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I would appreciate a lower speed. Kobe has something they call "QuietMode" that is a special low-noise low speed in a similar hood that would be another option, although I think Zephyr does a better job of making the grease cups less obtrusive - they're built in, don't hang down like they do on the Kobe. As I say, though, that's a minor issue - of course, silent would be good but for me the functionality is the main thing and that's excellent.

Here is a link that might be useful: range hoods

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I have the XOT over a Dacor range (which I like very much). I have it re-circulating (no choice, I'm in an apartment, no opportunity to vent outside.) It does a good job but it's pretty loud on the highest setting. Hope this helps.

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