Suggestions please! Vanity top came today - hate it!

blackchamoisApril 23, 2013

I have been trying to finish up my guest bath for some time now. A while back I had posted for help in deciding on paint vs. stain for my vanity. I choose to go with stain. I think it turned out great and I'm very happy with how it looks with the other colors/elements.

I had always been leaning towards Carara for the counters because I thought it was classic and altho' the room has lots of tans, there is also some gray in the penny rounds.

I'd gone to the slab yard and met with the fabricator and picked a reminant. It was mainly white and I loved it.

When he came to install it I was shocked that there was such heavy gray veining in it as I do NOT recall that at all. I was not there when it was paid for and did not take a picture of the piece - my bad!

I really REALLY do not like it and think it looks horrible in the room.

The fabricator said its the one I picked but if I really didn't like it he would fabricate another peice at no charge - but I would have to pay (again) for the material.

I am now looking for suggestions on something more subtle. I do not care for granite. I was thinking of a white Caesartone - Blizzard maybe, or staying with Carara if I/we can find one that is softer/more subtle. My only other option is to install this and just add lots of gray accents.

Any suggestions or advice?

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And here is a picture of the other portion of the bathroom

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And a close up of the pennies ...

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Some of the calcatta marble has gold and grey, I happen to love it but I don't have it in my house.

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Thanks Meek! I had considered calcatta for the same reasons you mentioned. I will reconsider that. I still would go with another Cararra if I can find one that is softer - which was the goal all along - soft! That's why I am so sure I did not pick this one. Ugh! Thanks!

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What kind of faucet have you chosen and what kind of mirror/lighting will you have over the sink?

It's possible that once you add all the other elements in, you will not notice the movement in the stone nearly as much. I happen to like the movement - it's not too much for you space. It still feels fairly subtle. Personally, if it were my bath, I wouldn't replace it.

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I would say live with it for a few days looking at it occasionally, and then make a decision. IMHO its a very busy pattern which does not appeal to me.

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Just a quick note to say that I really like the marble. It think it goes well with the other features in your bath. But sure, if you really do not care for it I would go the replacement route.

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I have had the same problem with the marble , even some of the Calcutta or statuetary marble have a lot of grey veining . However the Carrara has the grey in this like splashing pattern . I personally don't like it either . My bath demo is tomorrow and I haven't settled on the marble yet . You need to probably look at Calcutta and choose the piece that you want and make them mark with a marker the exact piece of the slab from which he will fabricate your vanity top . Make sure to take a picture of it this time . Good luck

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Pip - I've chosen a chrome faucet - the Moen Kingsley to match the tub/shower fixtures. Attached is a better photo of the vanity and light. Still on the hunt for the mirror. Thank you for your comments. Yes, it's possible once those are in, along with the sink, that the movement will be less noticable. It just seems so distracting and "in your face" in comparison to the other softer elements.

sloyd - They have already taken it back to the shop. It had a chip and one of the edges had a very obvious seam when it should have been a mitered edge. I have the photo for reference and every time I look at it I am more convinced that its not the piece I had selected.

Annemouse - Thank you for the comments.

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Lillo - My friend also installed Carara and it is so much softer/lighter (see pic). I was wanting even less gray than hers, but now would take hers in a heartbeat over the piece they brought for me.

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I actually like it, a lot. Once you have the sink bowl (white?) installed along with the chrome faucet, it's going to look really sleek & sophisticated. And a lot calmer, I think. Right now, the contrast with the plywood looks ugly....Just try to imagine white where the plywood is now along with the chrome faucet pulling it all together.

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Marbels and tiles increases the beauty of room, you have nice bathroom, as shown in pictures. I have Ceramic Wall Tiles on my bathroom wall, its gives some extra bright but decent look. I love them by having them in my bathrooms,

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Give it a few days if you can. Sometimes when something looks different than I expected, I hate it at first. After a few days, I realize it's fine. If you leave it alone for a few days, then look again, you might be OK. I think it looks OK. On the other hand, if you still hate it, just get what you really want, which is marble with less veining.

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ci_lantro - Thanks. Maybe I will try to photo shop a white sink bowl. I am having a hard time visualizing it because it seems so "loud" right now.

benlinus - Thanks for your comments. I really like my shower subway tiles and penny rounds and didn't want the counter to be in competition or overshadow, but rather compliment.

ChristaM - Thank you for your comments. They have already taken the counter back (it had a chip and the seam on the edge needs to be fixed should I decide to keep it) so all I have for reference is the photo.

Wondering if anyone would have chosen a different material altogether from the get-go, and if so, what would it have been (that would look good with the other existing elements)?

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I like your choice of a marble top as well as your other tiles and vanity. I think it's working, just get the right piece of marble.

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I like it, think you'd be crazy to swap it out, and calacatta would not be the same price. If you honed it you may like it more. That should only be about $10 per square foot.

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Oh no. It's awful. Really, really terrible. But don't worry, I can take it off your hands for you ;D

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Wow, I actually love it!

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Once you get your sink and fixtures in it will pull together. It will compliment your shower tile. Love your penny rounds in the niche.

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i'm not a big carrara fan, but i definitely prefer your top to your friend's.... you describe your friend's as 'soft'... i see it more as 'muddy'.... i don't think i would change it out (unless the 'chip' and seam weren't repaired to my satisfaction!!)

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Thanks all for your responses. From the sounds of it the majority of you think I am off my rocker! :) I'm not sure they can fix the seam or chip so I may be picking another piece regardless.

Busybee3 - Thanks for your perspective. I do see what you mean about the other piece looking muddy.

Pip - If you are still reading this thread, I was looking at some of your pics and noticed you used Caesarstone Organic White in your master. Wondering what you think of something like that in this bathroom? I do want to go with something white (vs. something like crema marfil) to balance out all the other white in the bathroom. So whether it's marble or another material I am thinking white would look best.

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I personally find it too wild and not really that great with the rest of your bathroom. Yes, to Ceasarstone or a more subtle marble that complements the white, gold, and grey of the pennies and tiles.

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i agree with nosoccermom. i think the marble piece you got is cool while your other colors in the penny tile and walls feel warmer to me. have you considered limestone, or another type of marble like crema marfil? i think a nice caesarstone type would also work.

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I finally found the white calacata that I want for my vanity and tub deck. However it is costing me $ 95 the square foot. I you lived in my area you would probably get a remnant piece from my job . It's the small square piece in my picture .

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The comments show how everyone's taste is different! If you don't like it, you don't like it... no matter what anyone else thinks. Trying to convince yourself it will be OK could result in living with something you hate and regret for years. Don't do that to yourself!

By what you've written I think you'd be happy with a white Ceasarstone or similar.

(PS - I don't like that piece either)

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nosoccermom - Thank you. I am heading in that direction!

michoumonster - The tile on my floor is very similar in color to crema marfil, as are my walls, and I wanted something white to balance out all the white of my subway tile. Crema marfil is a beautiful stone. Had I done a different direction with my tile and paint, that would be a great choice. Thank you for the suggestion.

lillo - If I could be so lucky! I am in So Cal ... more specifically Orange County. That stone would be perfect. I hope you will post pictures of your project as it progresses!

mmcf - Thank you for your comments. You are totally right!

The fabricator said he has a reminant of "white" cararra ... not sure if that's really what it's called, or if he is just trying to tell me it's more white than gray. He said he take a picture of it and if I think I might like it I can meet him on Saturday at the slab place. I'd still like to see if I can find a Calacatta reminant.

I'll keep you posted! Thanks all!

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You are right, I would expect carrara to be more subtle. Personally I like engineered material. There a a bunch of new colors that mimic subtle looking marble. Caesarstone frosty carina and misty carrara for example.

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blackchamois: I am in So Cal also and I'm looking for a good fabricator. How did you find yours and are you happy? If so, will you please post his contact information. My floor is similar to your and I will tackle my bathroom next. I'm excited to see your reveal pictures. Good Luck!

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I agree with those who say it is a beautiful stone, but also agree with those who say that there is a color issue -- too cool, vs. your other elements. If you are committed to your decor, you might want to get a marble with a soft beige veining; those are readily available.

We have a similar issue right now. We need to use one small piece of marble (or something else) for a knee wall in our white bathroom, and we don't want it to be a focus of attention or stand out from the white tile. We looked at carrera and are afraid that it will stand out too much between the strong gray veining and the cool/grayish white color. (It really contasts with the white tile sample.) We also looked at a plain engineered material that matches the tile color, but it looks very modern and engineered (that is, a tad plasticky compared to the porcelain tile and tub). Not to hijack this thread (it relates somewhat to the original poster's issue) but if anyone has a suggestion re an inconspicuous surface material for an old-fashioned-looking white bath, please share!

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