36" 'two-turkey' ranges, Speedcookers and 42" Fridges

animacafeApril 22, 2013

Hi all - I'm hoping for some advice / insight from 36" Gas range owners, as well as Advantium speed cooker owners and/or 42" side by side counter depth refrigerator owners. I have done tons of research and just keep making myself more confused!

I have a small-ish (12x15) kitchen so space is at a premium, and cook for a family of 3 except at Thanksgiving when we are 18-22ppl.

Range - Wolf 36" Range - will the oven handle two turkeys?

I have natural gas. I need to be able to roast two 20lb turkeys side by side in one oven at Thanksgiving. I had an old Kenmore that fit both with plenty of space, and now have a GE that I can just about squeeze them into. I like low-maintenance cooktops (easy to clean). I like the Thermadore black ceramic top as it seems easier to clean and hides some of the mess, but I think the Wolf oven will better serve the Turkey situation. I don't really need the 6 burners on a 36" range, but it seems that will be the only way to get a big enough oven? Any experience with cleaning the Wolf top and / or the capacity of the oven would be welcome!

Microwave & second wall oven - is it worth giving up the cabinet space? or GE Advantium - can it take the place of an every-day Microwave AND handle small second oven duties or is it too small?

We use our microwave frequently for defrosting, popcorn, reheating leftovers, steaming veggies, etc. I do not have a second oven but would love to be able to keep warm and/or cook side dishes at the same time as the turkeys.
If I go for the microwave & wall oven combination (either individually or as a unit) I will be giving up the only area that could accommodate pantry cabinets. (I am just over 6 ft tall and prefer my everyday storage to be at waist height or above). Is it worth giving up that storage for a second oven? I've never had two ovens.

Advantium users - do you think I can get away with one Advantium 240 wall oven to act both as a second oven for side dishes / warming and an everyday microwave? I realize it has more capabilities that I might grow to use also. The big advantage would be having at least some pantry cabinet space above and/or below the unit by not having a wall oven.

Refrigeration - SubZero 42" Side by Side - big enough to fit a half-sheet cookie tray?

I want a counter-depth fridge so it doesn't stick out into the kitchen. At the same time I want plenty of fridge and freezer space as I work full time and often only shop 1x/week. I feel like I have looked at every fridge imaginable! 36" bottom-freezers seem like they don't have enough room in the freezer. The 48" sub-zero and GE monograms look like they have LOTS of room - but I'm afraid 48" inches of fridge in my kitchen would be overpowering.

The 42" sub zero and GE monograms look just about right. I like the interior configuration of the Sub Zero better since the gallon door shelf in the GE makes the bottom shelf and crispers very shallow, and I don't need gallon beverage holders.

SubZero 42" owners- can you tell me if a half-sheet cookie tray will fit on the shelf in the fridge?

Any insight or suggestions are extremely welcome! Thank you for all your help!

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I used to have the 42" SZ sxs. It would fit a half sheet--at least the old one did. Call SZ. They are very helpful and will tell you the specs right on the phone. I downsized to the SZ 36" FD a few months ago. It is the same as the regular 36" except for the fridge door storage. The freezer space is a bit tight, so if freezer space is I,portent and you don't have alternate storage, I would go with the 42". The 48" is huge.

I also got a 36" range (Blue Star) and a speed oven. I got the Miele so I could install it under the counter. The Advantium 240 cannot be installed undercounter. We use the speed oven as a second oven all the time, as well as a microwave. It is plenty big as a second oven. I can even get a lasagna pan in there. So I think you are on the right track.

Don't discount the utility of a 36" range for the extra real estate it gives you on top to spread out and use several large pots at one time. The extra burners are only part of the story.

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Design your kitchen and live your life for the 364 days of the year, not that single day per year. A 36" range is a bit large for a kitchen your size, and giving up storage isn't the best compromise if you won't use the range space more often. Get two countertop turkey roasters if you have to for Thanksgiving. They work just fine. And it will leave the regular 30" range for the dressing, sweet potatoes, and about 2 more casseroles.

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I roast two 20-27 lb birds, side by side, in my Bluestar 36" range every year at least once, often twice. (Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

I haven't always had the best service and, sadly, the range has needed service quite a few times, but I've got nothing bad to say about the BS's oven capacity. It's amazing.

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Thank you nycbluedevil, I will call SZ today - the specs they have online don't show the interior cavity dimensions. I am also going to check out the Miele. Installing it under the counter would be an option allowing me to keep the pantry space on the wall. I'm just not sure if having a microwave below waist level will be cumbersome as a tall person. You make a good point about the extra space on the range top - I have 5 burners now in a 30" and the pots do fight with each other for space.

GreenDesigns - thank you for helping me keep things in perspective - it is easy to get carried away with a kitchen remodel!

Applnut - It is good to know that the two birds will fit - I find that the easiest way to cook enough turkey for our crowd. Thanks for your input.

Are there any Tall people out there with experience on having a microwave below the counter?

This has been a big help - thank you all!

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My husband is 6'4" and he has no problem with the microwave below the counter. Is it a bit less conveniently located than something at counter level? Yes but who wants a microwave on the counter? Is it better than a microwave at eye level. In my view, definitely--my OTR mircowave was a clear safety hazard for me (short) and kids. Also, having the speed oven under the counter is no worse than having a regular oven (like the range oven) below waist level. Having the speed oven on the wall is clearly ideal, but having it below counter level is by no means a deal-breaker if there is no wall space for it.

You have probably seen all the threads that discuss the Sharp microwave drawer, which is in my view the most ergonomic undercounter microwave (although some people complain about it being hard to clean the ceiling). I considered it for a while but decided to go with the Miele because I wanted a true second oven. Remember that when you go with a 36" range, it does take longer to heat up the oven than would be the case with the oven in a 30" range. So, I thought that having a real second oven was very important. I am really glad with the decision.

I can't recommend enough going with a 36" range if you have the room to do it. I sounds like you really should, since you already have five burners. We went with four burners and a grill, which I love. It gives us the space up top with the additional functionality of the grill.

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