Go single maker, or mix & match (need fridge advise. Bosch?)

thisishishouseApril 7, 2014

We're trying to come up with appliance selections for our build. Looking to stay around $10K.

What we're thinking so far is a Bosch Induction cooktop, a Bosch DW, and the new side-open Benchmark single oven.

Since we're all Bosch on those 3, is there any benefit ($$ or otherwise) to going with a Bosch fridge?

I've found mixed/negative reviews on them here. Not sure if that's an outstanding or resolved quality issue.

If not Bosch, who wouldn't look out-of place in a mid-lux level kitchen? Jenn? KA? Briefly saw a GE Cafe, but don't know their performance reputation.

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Bosch Freestanding refrigerators are made by Daewoo of Mexico. The only German engineering in Bosch Freestanding refrigerators are the Bosch light bulbs.

The new GE refrigerators with hot water dispensers are new, made on new production lines in GE expanded Kentucky facilities. To new to know the quality but the specs are all best in class. The GE Café French door without dispenser is made by Samsung and gets really good reviews as a whole. The rest of the GE line is middling.

JA and KA are basically the same Whirlpool Product with the JA coming in at a premium. But I really do like the JA diamond cut handles. A lot.

What specific refrigerators are you looking at?

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Shame on the Bosch's not being made by Bosch.

With the GE's made by Samsung. Any problem on service or parts from those? Someone told me that the LG/Samsung/Asian brands have problems with getting repair parts.

Haven't really looked at any refrigerators yet. Been bogged down with the million other decisions that come before it. ;) We're supposed to meet with the cabinet designer this weekend, who just said they need to know our appliance choices before they can lay everything out.

I'd love to have a 42", or a pair of separate towers that add up to there abouts, but those cost more than my car.

I'm probably looking for 36w x 72h size. Counter-depth gives up too much space. But nothing 3 feet deep either. Doors an inch or few out from CD is fine.

Not sure on French vs SxS. I dislike how narrow the SxS freezers are, but I also hate how low the FD freezers are.

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The new Bosch 800 French door that is coming out this month is made by Whirlpool and is essentially identical to the KitchenAid and Jenn Air. It's 36"wx72"h. I believe the price point ($2999) is less than the 72" Jenn Air.

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These days it seems like you roll the dice with any brand. I went all bosch and the range arrived broken and the fridge with a defect that took them over 6 months to address. They pulled out the range and fridge gave the replacements yet my new fridge has been beeping since before Christmas and Bosch is finally buying back all appliances rather than replacing the fridge. That being said I love the dishwasher and my range. If you are having your kitchen built and size is t and issue I would get a standard size and have the cabinets built areound it to loom built in or counter depth. I do this all the time with my clients and they love it

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