Which appliance brands are a must have in your new home?

drewemApril 19, 2012

Hello! We are building a new home, and the builder is offering Whirlpool Gold appliances, or KitchenAid. After a lot of research, I've discovered that both brands have negatives, especially the ovens (the self destruct-self cleaning feature..haha). I am thinking about not having the builder install appliances, and having it done after the fact, with a different brand.

My question is what appliances do you have and love? I don't have a ton of money, but do not want cheap/unreliable appliances.

We are looking at a double wall oven (Electric), Gas cooktop, dishwasher.


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Bosch dishwasher is my only must-have. Everything else is up for evaluation.

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For me, I could easily say a bluestar range or cooktop would be an absolute can not do without.

Dishwasher, miele is my top choice, but bosch makes some really nice units for a fair amount less. I just wouldn't go with their entry level models.

As for wall ovens I have no recommendations.

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My wife wants dishwasher drawers (bad back, she plans on wearing out the upper drawer), so Fisher/Paykel is gonna happen. Gaggenau for the combi-steam oven (old version floor model, would have to settle for non-plumbed Wolf if buying new). I also have Electrolux for the range.

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Can you give us a budget?
My old kitchen had basic WP but a Miele DW. My new kitchen has better appliances and reusing my Miele DW (and my 2 year old elux fridge)
I payed quite a bit for the Miele but snagged the fridge on sale)
Love my Miele! Holds lots, cleans great, a d the silverware tray is cool!

Elux-posted recently in why I like it. Bottom line- food lasts longer and love the French doors and led lights. I would not get the ice/water through the door. Takes up too much room and a couple years ago there were reported problems with many brands ice/water door systems.

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can only comment on the D/W...miele. have it, love it. would buy again.

i have induction and seperate wall ovens

good luck!!!!

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Thanks for all your great thoughts!

I really have no idea of the budget yet, it all depends on what extras we put into the house.

The Kitchenaid and Whirlpool brands have really scared me off. I have an LG fridge now and it is great, so may do that again. Like the bosch dishwasher idea.

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I don't have it, but my dream would be to have a thermador freedom induction cook top, a blue star or cc range with grill, mielle dishwasher and speed oven separate freezer and refrigerator - as large as is made.

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The Electrolux wall ovens seem to be a favorite on this forum competitively priced and reliable. I have a CC range, but in a rangetop I think I would go for a Bluestat RGTNB series. We have a KA fridge and are happy with it. If you like your LG they are popular here too. Like attofarad we have the F&P duel wash drawers and mostly use the top drawer, we are empty nesters so it fits us perfectly. The Miele and Bosch are popular too. Take your dishes to the store and see how they fit.

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We would never want to do without our induction. I don't think the brand matters that much, we do have the Electrolux Icon and really do like it, but there are folks with Mieles, as well as many other brands and most all of them are very happy.

I really do like my speed oven, it gets a ton of use, not just for microwaving, but also regular baking and speed cooking, I would hate to have to make a choice whether to have that or our regular Elux 30" oven, fortunately I don't hafta!

We also have been very happy with our 48" built in Jenn-air Fridge, Extremely quiet, tons of room, very accurate temps, (You can even set 3 different temps in the fridge area) one for the meat keeper, another for the veggie chrisper and yet a 3rd temp for the main fridge compartment. The fact that is was almost half the price of the SZ, and the Jenn-air uses a variable speed compressor instead of 2 old style on/off compressors (that many SZ Fridges still use today)---so yes the JA Fridge would be on my Must Have List.


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IMO there are positives/negatives for every brand, with the only clear cut exception being Miele dishwashers. They are heads and shoulders above everyone else. That said, Bosch makes some nice units at a lower price point.

One site to look at for quality appliances at great prices is the Sears Outlet site. We bought our Elux double oven for less than half MSRP - it was a floor model that had never been used and was in perfect condition; and our Elux warming drawer new in box for

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If you're interested in more advanced features then I would definitely do your own buying, and go appliance by appliance. There is no one brand that's excellent in all things.

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Definitely need my chambers stove and westinghouse dual automatic refrigerator.


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Now that I have had my Bosch Induction cooktop for a month or so, I cannot imagine going back to gas.
We currently have (in the new-to-us-home) a Bosch dishwasher. It is better than the mid-range brands, but not outstanding. Miele would probably be better, but it costs.

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So dependent on budget........ I want a Miele dishwasher for sure. They seem to get rave reviews on here and I fell in love when I looked at them in person. Even the higher end one with the cool light when you open the door. The salesman was was rollin g his eyes and talking about how that was so unnecessary (who empties their dishwasher in the dark) but I still got drawn in on how pretty it looked *smiles*.... I've also dreamed of the Electrolux Icon Professional double wall ovens. I don't have room for them and a micro. I was drawn to them because if appearance, then wanted one so badly because of those glide racks!. I searched here and saw positive reviews, so they went on my wish list. I have to admit that because of those racks I didn't bother looking at ovens that didn't have something similar or other brands because I knew they were out of budget. So no advise there.

My approach to appliances is this. I ask myself what's most important to ME in my kitchen, One's the dishwasher. I want the convenience they are meant to provide, and they all give you that... but I also want to feel it does a quality job cleaning! I can't tell you how many times I have bits of food stuck to glassware etc. It grosses me out and I end up hand washing a lot. I also need one that holds plenty and is somewhat easy to load. I have had lower to mid priced brands in the past with mediocre results, so I'm willing to pay more for better quality.

I am not a gourmet cook, so I would rather not break the bank with fancy features I might never use in an oven or cooktop. The mid-priced gas cooktop we have has always served it's purpose, it's a GE profile series and although the former owner installed it, I know it's not an expensive one. I also have a mid range wall oven/micro combo that works ok. Temp runs on the high side, but once I knew that, I just adjusted my cook time and lowered the temp a bit. If you are a better cook, look for better quality and features you would need/use.

What would work better for me is a wall oven, convection micro combo, and I will look into swapping out what I have for that. I think I will be happier in the long run.

If money is no object, get whatever you want, Otherwise, think about what's most important to you before you buy. There's plenty of great advise on this forum.

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We just did a new kitchen renovation and got the Samsung 26cu ft french door fridge with the icemaker in the freezer....We stayed away from water / ice maker in the door due to overall bad reviews (among all brands). Very happy with our unit, as it's very spacious and quiet. We originally wanted the 30 cu ft, but found that it's not wider, it's deeper, and would have jutted out too far for our kitchen layout. Speed Queen top load washer and gas dryer have been wonderful, and they have one of the best warranties on the market...nothing digital. Bosch and Meili are great too, but a lot more $$.. I have a Bosch dishwasher and love that too. My stove is 36 inch 6 burner Wolf, all gas with the semi sealed burners and convection option in the oven, used with a VentAHood rangehood...love them both!!! Good luck.

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