Steam cleaner additives?

pesky1August 5, 2010

I have a steam cleaner and I love it sooo much! I've never been able to clean things like I can with it. Now, the problem is that I don't like the 'steamed' smell after I've cleaned a room with it. I like a room that smells pretty, I particularly love lavender...but my DH can't abide by the smells of anything chemical. No plug ins, reed diffusers, commercial cleaners, etc.

So what would be a good alternative to the steam smell? I don't imagine I can add anything to the water, but was thinking maybe I could do a lavender infused water, then strain out the lavender. Would that work? I've never tried anything like that so I don't even know if soaking lavender would result in scented water!

Im particularly concerned about one of our bathrooms. It's got a tile floor, and the steamer cleans the offending scent from the grout around the toilet, but I want a fresh scent afterward.

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Pesky, I responded on the Decorating Forum, but had another thought. It addition to the steam cleaner manufacturers warning against additives, there is so little water used in steam cleaning that there would not be much effect. You might be better off making up the lavender water and then spraying or lightly pouring it on the floor towards the end of cleaning the room.

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I make cologne or toilet water from flowers I like. Roses, lilacs, lavendar all work well. boil the petals in water, strain out the solids, mix in a little rubbing alcohol and liquid glycerin (both available in any pharmacy). Put in a spray bottle anm use as an air freshener. Shake well each time you use it. It doesn't keep very long-maybe a month or two.

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I add a little rose concentrate to my cleaning solution and it's never hurt my bissell steam cleaner. You don't want an over powering aroma anyway, right?

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