Help! Vacuum wheels scratching hardwood floor!

ktmastAugust 27, 2013

I just had my kitchen maple hardwood floor refinished about a month ago. Originally they were finished with "Street Shoe". The man who did it this time used Bona. The old finish did have scratches. The floor looks great, but I noticed when I use the vacuum (canister) the wheels leave curved scratches when the canister turns. I checked, there is nothing on the wheels and the vacuum is less than a year old.

I think I need to find an alternative to using the vacuum before using the Bona mop and cleaner. Please give me advice as to what works to get up the dog hair, cat hair, crumbs and dust prior to "washing" the floor.


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I'd use a broom and dust pan, or purchase an inexpensive stick vac to use. My Dyson scratched floors.


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Take fine file to the wheels to smooth up the wheels. I would not use a vacuum on hard floors. It is a lot of work, I also prefer a broom or dusk mop, much easier and quicker.

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Is there a preferred micro cloth dust mop? Is one brand better than the others? A friend recommended the Swifter, but I don't like the thought of using disposable cloths daily.

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Just use your canister vac. Go to your local hardware store and purchase felt tape with the sticky back and apply it to the wheels of your vac. Vacuum your way into the room so U R not catching the pet hair on the wheels. If U do pick some up, just use masking tape to remove it. While U R at it get on you hands and knees and use your dusting brush to remove the cobwebs and hair which is hanging beneath your tow kicks. That is the cabinet over hang which extend past the cabinet base. U would not believe the crap that those cob webs hold. I am not Amish, and use my vacs on everything. I only use a broom in the garage.

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The right vacuum with the right attachments can do the job. I would suggest investing in one especially if you have more hardwood in your home and its not just your kitchen. Good models from different price ranges that are designed with the right attachments to clean on hardwood are :
BISSELL Zing Bagless / Eureka Mighty Mite / Dyson DC39 Multi Floor / Electrolux Sanitaire / Miele S2121 Capri / Miele S8990 UniQ.
These models cost from 100$-1500$ so it is up to you and how much you want to invest in a new vacuum for your hardwood floor. Use the right attachments as well.
Of course you can also just do what others suggested and simply not use a vacuum.

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