Louisville KY showroom has Capital, Aga, & Bertazonnis on floor

BellsmomApril 9, 2013

I just returned from buying a Speed Queen AWN432 at Bargain Supply in Louisville, KY. As I searched for info on who had Speed Queen locally, I was pleased to find that BS did, since this is one of my fav haunts for tools.
But imagine my surprise when I saw the Capital logo in the display of brands they carry!

Bargain Supply has been around forever in Louisville. They carry tons of tools at great prices and the largest scratch and dent appliance array I have seen. Their prices are always excellent, and their service is equally good. I checked out their washer prices and offerings in non-HE washing machines, then went elsewhere to compare.

After returning to buy the SQ washer, I asked if they have any Capital Culinarians on display. The salesman took me back to see several Capital ranges, 2 or 3 Bertazonnis, and at least 2 Agas on display. First time I had seen ANY of these. He said they have carried the Capital ranges for at least two years.

So, if anyone else lives in the area and didn't know, you might want to check out Bargain Supply's stock and prices, which in my experience have always been the lowest around. I think they had one scratch and dent Capital Precision.

My salesman, Jamie Garey, seemed very knowledgeable. He and another salesman said they thought they could now special-order Culinarians with the long-awaited simmer burner. They also assured me that they have a very knowledgeable serviceman to work on initial adjustments.

By the way, Bargain Supply also had a new shipment of butterfly nets. Blue, pink, yellow, and pale green! For $1 each. DH brought home a blue one. Not sure what he has in mind. But when I started to jabber enthusiastically about the Culinarian, he picked up his blue $1.00 butterfly net and waved it meaningfully in my direction.

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I second Bellsmom's post. Bargain Supply is a big surprise for many who find it as they have brands most dealers do not. You can touch and feel without having to rely on web pictures only. My range was purchased there a few years ago and I found the service to be equal if not better than most.

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Bargain Supply really is a unique place, isn't it? I can't believe I had never wandered into the high end appliance section. So different from most appliance stores!

I LOVE the Speed Queen washer, by the way. Exactly what I wanted.

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