Lightweight (and excellent) canister vacuum for under $400?

bayareafrancyJuly 25, 2008

Hi all,

I've searched the site quite a bit, but I need to pick your brains a little more!

I need the lightest canister vac possible (terrible back and wrist problems). I have 90% hardwood floors with 3 low pile rugs. No pets. Just an old, dusty house. Two dirt tracking little boys. One dirt tracking husband.

I'm considering that adorable yellow Miele Galaxy model that starts at 399. Though I wonder if I would need the $120 turbo brush attachment for my rugs. (I've read that muscle power is sufficient for rugs with the basic attachment, but I'm lacking in muscle power these days.)

I also like the cheaper Miele Naturell for 250. This might work for me b/c I don't need variable suction, or the special attachments or telescoping wand that come on the 399 model. But it is several pounds heavier than the 399 model. Not sure how much heavier exactly.

My needs are really simple: lightweight, excellent sucking performance, won't break down in a few years. And a color that coordinates with my home! I'm really loving that pale yellow color!

I don't need to vacuum the ceiling, or the furniture, or the drapes, or the car. I don't need HEPA. I don't need bagless.

Just lightweight, high quality suction. (In yellow?)

I also saw the look-alike Simplicity Jack and Jill models in a store, but I can't find anything about them online. (And argh--the Jill is hot pink.)

Can anyone offer advice/experience please?

Thank you!!


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The Miele Naturell would work for you, if you wanted a basic Miele canister. You are the only one to judge if the Naturell is too heavy for you. I would suggest that you compare them in person, since you are the one who is using it. I do not think that you would need to purchase the Miele S4(Galaxy) series canister unless you thought the weight was much better.

You said that you have "90% floors" and a few rugs. I was wondering how big those rugs are? Are they something like small rugs(3x5) or are they room sized rugs? You could get by without a brushroll attachment if you have the smaller rugs. If you had roomsized rugs, you might want to consider a vacuum with the brushroll attachment. A turbo brush will have a slight advantage over a basic combination rug and floor tool.

Look to Simplicity and its sister brand the Riccar. The Simplicity Jack and the Riccar Moonlight canister will work for the types of jobs you listed. They will not be as quiet as the above Miele, but they are not loud. The Riccar or Simplicity bags should not cost you as much as the Miele bag. The vacuum cleaners themselves might cost more than the Miele Naturell though.

Tacony, the company that owns the Riccar and Simplicity brands, markets some very good vacuum cleaners. They are not going to seem popular to some, because they have not heard of them. They have been around for a while. They are only sold in vacuum cleaner shops. They are very good vacuum cleaners.

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Thank you for the reply!

I have 2 8x10 rugs that I normally vacuum with just the basic floor attachment on my Kenmore. I sometimes lug out the heavy beater brush (because it does the job so much faster) but it is a pain to lug out.

I guess I need to go back to the local vac shop and try lifting some of these. The owner is grouchy, and I don't want to give him my business. I kept talking about weight concerns, and he never even offered to get the Naturell out of the window so that I could try lifting it. He just said it weighed more than the Galaxy, which I was permitted to lift.

I"ll have to see if there is a friendlier shop within 20 miles of me...

Thanks again!


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I have a Eureka Mighty mite...great suction, light weight, not quiet...very noisy, but cheap and reliable.
I had another one for about 6 or 7 years but my cleaning lady ruined it by running it without a bag!...needless to say she no longer cleans for me.
I use an upright with a beater bar for carpet...but this does the tile and hardwood.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: And it's yellow!!

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