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mjoceanApril 22, 2012

We are designing a new kitchen and with the exception of the dishwasher have selected all Wolf/SubZero appliances. They are offering a good incentive package right now and we like the quality of the appliances.

Does anyone have any experience with the Wolf ventilation system? We will have a 36" sealed gas 6 burner (no grill) range top and we're looking at the 900 CFM hood liner with external blower.

All comments are welcome.



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In my sample-of-one Wolf hood experience, the construction was very sturdy, the fabrication well executed. (Mine, however, was made for Wolf by Independent, and Wolf no longer uses them.) I would only criticize the decorative rails for having incompatible directions for the Independent version.

Their roof blowers are made by Broan and the 1500 cfm rated one I have is quite rugged with a well-behaved fan curve (not to be confused with fan blade curvature). My impression is that better fan balance would have been helpful for a centrifugal fan of this size, but I haven't had a window of opportunity to get it balanced to find out if that would remove some lower frequency vibration that is, to be fair, more noticeable in the attic than in the kitchen.


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Thank you for response. Are you bothered by the vibration? The fan would be mounted on the roof right above the kitchen (no second floor in this portion of the house).


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Kas, are you planning to balance it yourself? I did this a score ago on my furnace blower. I just wired a couple of small washers to the fan, and moved it around until I found a location that made the vibration better. Then I varied the weights to minimize the vibration. Not exact, but helped a lot.

I just got the 600CFM Broan rooftop blower for my new kitchen. I hooked it up to power to check it out, not installed -- didn't seem to have much vibration that I would attribute to balance. I'll check more carefully once installed.

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I noticed some vibration before baffle insertion, and suppressed it by applying lead-filled vinyl pads used in the body shop industry to the ducting. I only assume that this is due to unbalance, perhaps combined with lack of roof stiffness due to older wood plank construction.

Although they may all be defunct due to the on-going economic sabotage, my intention was to take the blade assembly to a local professional balancing shop to do both static and dynamic balancing. I agree that DIY balancing (static mostly) would probably get most of the error.

Note everyone this is a BIG fan, designed for 1500 cfm at zero static pressure and a low profile. The blades are not lightweight propeller type, but more like a casting of a carousel with walls.


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