Any opinions on Rheem vs. Eemax tankless heaters?

Madeline616April 19, 2012

I need a new tankless for under my vegetable sink. Relay switch went bad on the previous unit.

The small point-of-use heaters only raise the temperature about 20-28 degrees, giving just better than lukewarm water.

I have the wiring in place, 220 line with two separate 40 amp breakers, with two #8 wires, so I'm going to go with a larger unit.

I think I have it narrowed down to eemax and a Rheem.

I'm not sure what type of reputation eemax has. The customer svc technician was excellent, but I'm getting the impression they might be a lesser brand, and wonder if they're known for being cheaply made?

The Rheem technician was good, too, but I'm concerned about a complaint I read online. It was posted by a very unhappy customer who claimed the installer told him Rheem had manufactured and sold a number of faulty circuit boards.

Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. I'm open to other brands, too.



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Sophie Wheeler

Get a recirculation pump instead. You can put it on a motion sensor. That way, your main water heater, which is MUCH more efficient, produces actual hot water, and the pump assures you that it will be at your sink when you turn it on. None of the electric point of use heaters will give you very hot water unless you have very low flow.

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Hi Holly,

Thanks for your response.

Wish I could, but i can't. The tankless heats my veggie sink in my island in the middle of my kitchen, house is on a slab. They had to drill open the slab to run the pipes.

No way to get from the water heater to the middle of the kitchen island.

The original point-of-use heater barely heated the water to lukewarm, so I had to find 2 electricians willing to go through the nightmare of running a 220 line, with 2 #8 wires on 2 separate breakers so we could put a large, 78amp heater under there. The water was so hot I could practically boil pasta in my veg sink, lol, but the relay switch went bad, then the whole unit went, and now I have to get a new one that will work with the existing setup.

Kind of a pain! And a boring story, lol.

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