Yucky Bathroom floors

happylady1957July 17, 2008

Hi There,

Is there a better way than getting down on my hands and knees with a microfiber cloth to clean "hairy" (blech)bathroom floors? I do believe my son is part sasquatch, so it needs to be done every day. TIA!!!

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How old is your son? I suspect that if he's leaving that much hair on the floor, he's probably old enough to clean up after himself. For years, we cleaned up after our kids. Only now, in hindsight (and much too late), do we think we should have done them a favor and approached things a bit differently. Good luck!

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happylady, do you have a Swiffer? That works great for picking up hairs off tile floors. It gets right along the edges where the floor meets the wall. Pretty quick and easy way to do it.

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Sorry I got sidetracked a bit. I agree with Shaun re Swiffer. We attach a dry Swiffer cloth to a lightweight Swiffer "mop" and it does a great job.

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Thanks for your answers, folks. You know, its interesting, but It never occurred to me to have my son clean his own hair up! To be fair, all 3 of us share that bathroom, but you absolutely have a point. Regarding the Swiffer, yes, those do pick up amazingly well, but there are so many tight spaces in that bathroom where the Swiffer head doesn't fit. I was actually wondering if anyone uses some kind of a hand-held vac?

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Swiffer cleaners are NOT good for floors. They leave a chemical residue and it will dull the floor.

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I routinely use the hard surface tool of the vacuum cleaner on the bathroom floor.

If I were doing it every day, I would keep a Swiffer Sweeper (the dry type, not the WetJet) and a roll of paper towels in the bathroom. One dry sheet of paper towel on the Swiffer works as well as the pricey dry Swiffer sheet.

An electric or battery operated stick broom would work, but do some measuring so you can get around the fixtures. I had an electric one many years ago that was really noisy.

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I grab a handful of toilet paper, wet it, squeeze out excess water and use that to pick up hair. I have two daughters with long hair. I am the only one who cleans the bathroom after the two of them.

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