Your favorite cleaning tools?

nyrgirl35July 21, 2013

Just wondering what most of you use to clean with? For my bathroom I use method bathroom spray and paper towels to wipe everything down, and a bath scrub and sponge/brush for bath tub.
For my floors I use different mops depending on floors. For my kitchen floor which is linoleum I use a sponge mop and bucket and sometimes my steam mop. For my laminate floors I use O-cedar microfiber spray mop (you can use your own cleaner in refill bottle) love this mop and my own cleaning solution or sometimes I use my steam mop.
These are the 2 things/places that I always wonder if I'm cleaning the best way I can or are there other ways or tools that would be better?
Would love to hear what works best for you as far as cleaning solutions and cleaning tools! Thanks

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For my kitchen floor (Congoleum vinyl) I love my Swiffer WetJet. Sweep first, then use my Swiffer daily. The floor was installed last year and still looks brand-new!

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For daily cleaning in the bathroom I use a 50/50 mixture of rubbing alcohol and water in a spritz bottle and a small micro-fiber towel.

If I had to pick one "gadget" for cleaning and sanitizing it would be my Shark Canister Steamer (I'm not even sure if they make them anymore, and I've used this one for at least a decade). I can clean and sanitize without toxic chemical cleaners and wasteful use of paper towels (I don't use paper towels). I use distilled water in my steamer so it doesn't get clogged with hard-water residue, but I make it myself using my counter-top distiller (costs 21-cents to make a gallon).

I actually have three steamers, the Shark Canister, Shark Stick Floor Steamer, and a small hand-held steam cleaner (the last two were gifts :-).

A steam cleaner makes quick work of all surfaces - bathrooms, mirrors, fixtures (including those hard-to-reach places around the toilet bowl), floors, grout, counters, windows, and all I need is a soft cloth (rag, microfiber towel, etc.) to catch an occasional drip.

You can steam toys and stuffed animals to sanitize them, as well as mattresses, rugs, carpets, upholstery... It takes wrinkles out of clothes or fabrics you may not want to iron (drapes, shower curtains, comforters....). I've even steam-cleaned shoes.

I purchased fitted vinyl tablecloths (elasticized at the bottom to secure them on the tables) for outdoor use, and they arrived as a big plastic lump of wrinkles. I put them on the tables and steamed the wrinkles out of them in a few minutes.

My husband loves the Dyson vacuum for floors - I don't like it all that much. But any husband who will use a vacuum deserves any kind of machine he wants (lol). I love my little Dyson DC35 cordless vac. because I can clean high and low with it.

Another thing I use on a regular basis is a 24" Norpro Lambswool Duster. I have a large library and this duster does the trick for it and all dusting needs. Nothing to toss in the trash..........


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