One Little Teapot

hostarhodoMay 23, 2011

Why did I buy one little teapot, because the price was cheap and I may "need" it for DGD teaparty. Also bought 12 martini glasses, a gold plated letter opener,a hummingbird figure, a large glass on a silver plate (cloche), a wrought iron 2 tier pie server, a 3 tier silver cake server, different sizes and shapes of glass bowls and quiche pan and molds and a muffin tin, which I will use to make my different chocolate shapes and serve them on. There may have been more, all for $12.00. Yard sale at the animal shelter

Thought about you folks all the time. Prices, most were between .25 and 1.00


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SCORE!!!! Sounds like wonderful finds!
Did you say Chocolate? LOL! Jeanne S.

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I agree with Jeanne...sounds like you found some wonderful things and at great prices.
Funny how we do think of our 'forum family' when we're buying our goodies!

I hope next time you can share some pictures with us so we can enjoy them with you


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Betty, you certainly got a variety of good buys. You did good!

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Sounds like you found some great goodies! Wish our Humane Society had sales like that--what a great money maker that must be! Luvs

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Sounds like you made quite a haul! Way to go! Now to find a way for us to SEE all these goodies! ;o)

There have sure been some good shopping sprees for our gang the last few days! LOL. Keep it going!
hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Woohoo...sounds like lots of fun for you! Lots of goodies!

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It sounds like you had a great time finding your treasures!
Tell me more about the

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