Not happy with Miele Earth :( Central Vac Instead?

betsyhacJuly 6, 2011

The floor attachment doesn't seem to have much suction at all. It's just like a dustmop that I keep having to remove and vacuum off. Anyone with a Miele that agrees and has possibly solved this problem somehow? I mean, for the megabucks I paid for this thing, I expected much more. I'm thinking of returning it and investing in a central vac. Anyone have a rec on a CV brand/type?

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What floor tool do you have? Perhaps it's more about the tool than the actual vacuum?

I have the SEB236 powerhead and the SBB 300 Parquet Tool. I find the Miele tools much nicer than the tools for my CV. I love the floor tool - it swivels beautifully and does a great job.

I do have to vacuum it off once in a while but I have to do that with the CV too. Crap will get stuck in the brush bristles and there's not much you can do about that.

This is the exact opposite of my experience. I hated my CV so much (BEAM) that I purchased two Miele vacuums (one upright/one canister).

Both do an exceptional job of my upstairs broadloom. They both leave the carpet much nicer "groomed" than the CV did. I suppose that has more to do with the carpet powerhead I have than the actual BEAM itself.

My biggest complaint is lugging 35' of hose around. A real PITA if you ask me. As I have two small kids and vacuum a lot it would end up lying in my front hall all the time.

I am SO happy with the smaller Miele vacuums. I think there suction is superb and the way in which they work is awesome (powerheads particularly).

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You are going to have to clean the bristles of the floor brush with any floor attachment. The Miele has tremendous suction, so the machine is not the problem. You probably have the dual swiveling SBB300-B parquet twister floor tool. If you like the Miele vacuum cleaner overall, I would suggest that you go to a vac shop and ask for a generic floor brush for Miele. You must specify "for Miele", because they use a different size diameter fitting. Or, go back to the Miele dealer and test the different Miele floor tools. If you like the cheaper floor brush, see about a trade down. If you cannot make a trade, get a generic floor brush for Miele(35mm). You should find them for around $30. Miele's tool will cost around $60.

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