Some 'new' TS treasures

christmascandyMay 11, 2011

I did a little TS shopping yesterday and found several treasures, as usual.

I got 6 of the rose plates for .42c ea. at Good Will. They are Hallmark by Sakura.

The photo frame was orig. $24.99, marked down to $12.98 and I paid $1.69, also GW.

The little cup and saucer holder was .29c.

The 3 blue plastic goblets were .75c ea., both of these finds were at the Humane Society TS.

Now I need to find another blue goblet. One of them had a Walmart price tag on the bottom, so I hope there are enough out there so another will turn up.

I just love the rose plates!!



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Candy, great finds! Love all of them. Cute frame and the rose plates are wonderful. The blue goblet looks like glass in the picture. Hope you find another goblet. I've seen these plastic ones at stores but never thought they were worth the prices they want.

What is the brass holder in the picture? Is it for the c & s?

Happy for you and your new treasures.


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Rose plates are beautiful...& so you, candy! Goblet looks pretty, too...please share what you do w/frame...quite unusual one. Jeanne S. ...great bargain $$$!

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Marlene Kindred

Woohoo! LOVE the rose plates too! And the blue goblet is really pretty...glad you had a great shopping day.

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Gee Candy, What great finds! Those Rose plates are so pretty I might need to 'borrow' them for an upcoming table LOL.The frame is adorable.I wonder what else you will find while searching for another goblet.

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More of that beautiful pink, love it all. The frame is so cute. Seeing that the rose plates reminded me that the other day at a thrift store I was able to buy a whole set the the Sakura dishes with the stars like yours. I was so excited, they weren't as good a deal as you find though.

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Punk, the silver holder is a cup and saucer holder. The original price for the goblet was $1.88, so even at full price it wasn't too expensive.

Jeanne, I have a new granddaughter due August 18, so I'm pretty sure I will find a cute picture to fill that frame!

Marlene, they had a display set up with 2 of those plates at the front of the store and I took them right off of the table and then when I got back to the plate area, there were the rest! Woohoo!! I did take 2 other plates back to replenish their display. I did find 3 of the goblets, I just need a 4th now.

Nana, the thrill of the hunt is one of the reasons I like TS's so much. I never know what I will find, but I always seem to find something.

Frou, so glad you found some of those pretty star plates. They can be used for a lot of different themes.


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You found some wonderful things, especially those rose plates! I'd have snatched those beauties up for sure. The blue goblet sure doesn't look plastic.

I can't get over your GW prices. Ours here have gotten rather high the past year, even on half off day, twice a month, it can be hard to find things that cheap. Tho as you said, the thrill of the hunt is the big thing...and scoring a real bargain is icing on the cake.

hugs, Karen

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Candy those rose plates are really pretty...I've NEVER seen anything that nice that cheap at did Great!
Pretty frame too...I think it will be perfect for that new little baby girl due in August!! Don't forget to 'show her off in it' !!


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More good finds, of course I love the rose plates the best. The frame is really sweet too, and will be perfect with a picture of the new baby girl. I had found one of the cup/saucer holders and love it--have it in the china cabinet. I agree, the fun of going "treasure shopping" is just in seeing what you can find. I need to get out and hit some of ours since it's been awhile--hope I haven't missed out on allot of good stuff. As Jeanne asked in another post, where are you finding to store all these new goodies you are collecting?


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Candy, I'll keep an eye out on my end of town for more of your blue goblets if you keep an eye out on your end of town for more purple stems for me lol!! The rose plates and the frame are great scores. Can't wait to see what you do!

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the GW stores here are .49c ea for dishes and glassware. Seniors can get a 15% discount anyday and 25% on Mon. They do have 2 of the 50% Sat/month, but I am usually playing golf then. Some of their other prices can be high, so it just requires careful selection when shopping.

I am so excited about her arrival, so will be a very proud Grandma showing her off!!

I have dishes in cabinets in my sunroom, garage, dining room, and of course, most are in the basement. I do have to keep rearranging to make more room, but I can't help myself when I find dishes for less than 50c ea that are so pretty. In fact, I just got some lovely lavender side plates and matching cream and sugar at GW Mon. so they were .37c ea!

Deal!! Email me a close up picture of what you are seeking as you know I have a network of stores that I shop!


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Beautiful plates!

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