How to clean cloth pleated shades?

debbrown01July 8, 2009

I searched and found a thread about cleaning Duet shades but I'm not sure that this would apply to mine.

I hate to admit it but I pulled out the receipt and found that my shades are 15 years old and I've never cleaned them!

These are Del Mar Softlights cloth pleated shades. I'm not sure what type of material they are made of.

Any suggestions for cleaning?



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I am not sure exactly what you mean by "clean". Are you at least vacuuming them off occasionally? Use the hose of the vacuum cleaner with a dusting brush attachment and vacuum off the shades, in a down motion. It would be better to lower the suction if the shades are delicate. You should be able to lower the amount of suction be opening a "bleeder valve" on the hose or lowering the motor speed at the vacuum itself.

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They need more than a vacuum. A couple of them have quite a few spots.

I tried washing one with a sponge and dish soap last night. It didn't come clean but it also didn't damage the material. I think I might try soaking one in the bath tub.


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Just open your phone book and look for blind cleaning service. I had Duette's for years and had them cleaned every Spring. That was for 8 years. Just find one that does not pull up in a van and clean them on your driveway. I have had that done and they are not very good. I found a service who would take them back to their shop and put them in a vat, opened all of the way. The process is Ultrasonic, much like denture cleaners. The results were flawless! I move into this place and it is all mini blinds with 10 years of smoke. They came back like brand new. It is worth the $.

Best of luck.

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