Leathered Antique Brown Granite with Calacatta Gold Honed

KevinMPApril 26, 2012

Some of you asked for more pictures of the granite I used in my bathroom remodel. I took some additional pictures, and hopefully you'll be able to get a sense of the texture and randomness of the stone. The picture with the hot water handle in it shows a greenish spot, but that spot is actually iridescent and looks like abalone. You'll see what appear to be cracks, but they're a natural part of the stone and are actually veining. It turns some people off, the granite yard told me, but I liked it.

It took me nearly two months to decide on something I could pair with the calacatta gold given that the marble was honed (not polished) and that it's difficult to match calacatta from different lots so every slab I looked at wasn't right. As I said in another post, I was torn between lagos azul and another variety of limestone and leathered antique brown (also called kohiba) and another granite called (allegedly) "titanium" in a leathered finish. I was afraid to use the limestone in the wet applications and the "titanium" was too white and only came in 3 cm slabs (too thick for a shower/tub surround).

Anyhow, antique brown is an awesome stone, and I had a hell of time finding it leathered in 2 cm thickness, but I prevailed eventually.

Here you go

(I'm fixing the caulking when the glass is installed, so no comments about the last picture.)

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STUNNING! What a personality in that stone. The leathered finish is a perfect pairing with that brown granite.

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That is so unique! I love it!

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I first saw leathered granite about 4 or 5 years ago in a parade home. Instantly fell in love with it! Your choice of granite and finish is absolutely beautiful!

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