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mzmintJuly 6, 2004

We have just moved into a new home with lots and lots of glass in the shower..Florida water can be hard on the glass for streaking and deposits..

Does anyone use or know of a 'glass wax??type cleaner/coating to pre-empt the problem before we use it? So far everyone is linited to one shower stall until I get some clues? Thanks Pat

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I clean houses for a living and I use Rain-X on the glass doors,windows and mirrors. Most of the people that I work for have well water and a couple are heavy smokers and it is amazing how this stuff repels the smoke build up along with the water build up and it keeps your mirrors from fogging up in the bathroom after a hot shower. I get it from Autozone and also Wal-Mart. Good Luck!

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Thank you I will give it a try. I hate to have them ruined right from the get-go!

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re the Rain-X. I picked up Rain-X wipes at Target. They are designed for inside car windows but shower door guy said they would be fine for shower. They clean great! Got off all the soap scum and no spray or drippy liquids. We used them for mirrors as well.

You need to use gloves with them.

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I used to use those sprays that you use after every shower, but they were expensive and toxic. Now I mix 3TBS jet dry in a spray bottle and fill with water. If you use this a couple times a week you will not get the hard water and soap scum build up. Much cheaper and easier on the old lungs.

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I use Bounce fabric softener sheets to get the soap scum off of the glass doors - I don't know how it works, but it works! Get the sheet wet first.

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We actually use a product called "Glass Wax." It comes in a silver and pink, rectangular can and is a thin lotion like substance. You apply it with a damp sponge, rub in, let dry, and then wipe clean with a soft cloth. Not only does it clean really well (even those awful hard water spots), but it leaves a coating as well. It also works on chrome.


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I used glass wax years ago and do not see it anywhere. I have used the rainX and another glass wax type and so far so good but I do remember the glasswax brand from years ago.

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Just googled Glass Wax and on one site a note was posted that the manufacturer has discontinued the product. I just remodeled a bathroom and have new glass shower doors. One of the plumbers who did our work suggested Rain X as well for the doors, as well as waxing the chrome frame area. I need to get some soon--I've been sponging the doors off every night but that's getting old!

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Squeegee the water off the glass when done showering - then you won't need to clean them.

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You have a lot more leisure time than I do, Brewbeer! I get up as late as possible each day, still allowing just enough time to get ready and rush out the door. I simply don't have time to do anything to the shower walls/doors or floor when I shut the water off...

I just read something a few days ago in the "Extra" magazine that Raley's and Bel Air markets give out free each month... It said that to clean hard water spots and soap scum off of shower doors, use a nonstick cooking spray, like "Pam." It said that there's something about the canola oil and lecithin that works on the spots/scum... spray it on and wait 10 minutes -- then you use a mild dishwashing detergent like "Dawn" (that gets rid of the slick greasy feeling).

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Has anyone heard/used CRL Surface protector and can share an opinon?

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I've tried everything over the years. Never had much luck with vinegar, fabric sheets, oven cleaner, and all the other suggestions. They kind of work, but not to my satisfaction. Plus, many are toxic. That's not how I'm going to go out.

Then I happened upon a random posting online where a guy methodically tested all these different solutions in a controlled environment -- side by side in his shower. See URL below.

Without a doubt, BARKEEPERS FRIEND is your solution. I've used it for several years since and it works wonders. My wife uses it to clean our kitchen sink and other surfaces. It's cheap and available everywhere. It doesn't scratch. Leaves no film. And isn't toxic like all those products that need "good ventilation." It's got oxilic acide or something like that. No scrubbing. Apply liquid or power (with water) with a sponge, do 3-4 circles, and wipe off. No sweat and instant gratification.

A little car wax after cleaning and you're all set. Trust me. You can thank me later by verifying my suggestion...

Here is a link that might be useful: Water spot products reviewed

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