Best Vacuum for Pet Hair?

bubblrJuly 11, 2013

I have to get a new vacuum cleaner as the old one is beyond fixing at last. The dog hair is accumulating... I'm not looking to spend a whole lot- say less than $150- if that is reasonable (less would be better).

My dogs shed mostly in summer, when they also bring in a lot of mud after a run that turns to dirt. I have three large dogs (including the GSD- biggest shedder), all with medium length hair. The flooring is mainly hardwood, with some carpet on the stairs and in the living room area. It is a relatively small house- 900 square feet. It would be great if the vacuum had good attachments for the car as well.

What has worked for you? Suggestions?

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We have a hoover nano and it is the bomb. I picked it up for $60. We have two dogs and two cats (all short haired, but still) and my husband is a stone mason. I was driving myself crazy trying to keep up with that much dirt and pet hair with a broom and dustpan!
Our floors are all hardwood with a couple of area rugs. It has a setting for hard floors and a setting for carpet, and an easily detachable hose wand tool thingy.
It's really an awesome little vacuum.

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I love my Eureka Boss. people complain that it is heavy, but it cleans so much better that our other expensive one. I have three very hairy dogs, golden retriever, Aussie (with thick fur like a collie) and a part chow. Probably should vacuum twice a day, but I don't still when I do, it gets it all. I use the handheld part for the couches.

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I have a Dyson but you won't get it for $150. It will last longer and work better than the $150 models though. I'd read reviews on amazon, Bissell seems to make ok inexpensive pet hair vacuums.

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Many vacuums that are advertised as specialized in pet hair cleaning are good at it. If you had a small dog a handheld would have been ok most of the time and that will cover the car too. However with 3 big dogs that go in and out of the house all the time you need bigger vacuum. When we factor that you also want to use it for your car too i would say a canister is your best pick.

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