Cleaning Soaking Tubs

k9arleneJuly 12, 2009

Short of standing in the tub and scrubbing, anybody have any other ideas/devices to make the job easier? Also, my husband bathes with bath oil and it leaves a greasy mess in the tub. Any products that will cut the grease?

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Hi there,
Great post. I am trained in chemicals now. But after the fact. I had to go for a licese for a job. However the things I did before then I am convinced are what gave me throat cancer. I'm lucky I guess. I was diagnosed going into my last stage of cancer. They gave me a year to live. It's been 14 years now. Anyway one of my jobs required this type of license. But before that I used chenicals as if they were going out of style. If the label said it could get the job done I would use it. My latest which was just befoe diagnosis was easy off. I accidently left the soiled rag on my soon to be replaced counter top which was white. Sort of lol When I went back to the sink I found the towel which was used to do the oven. When I picked it up (no gloves or mask_ that spot was so white it gave me thought in not replacing it.
I then went and did the whole coulnter. I then cleaned over that with a household cleaner.

I tried it on something else and then something else. It worked on everything. (this was the spray)
I finally went to the store and got cans of it. With all said and done it all ended with me doing the kitchen floor. All the grooves that you can't get clean after years. This floor looked brand new. So easy off was my new cleaner. Yes I did smoke but not heavy.
I was soon diagnosed with throat cancer and ultimatly given my death sentence. I fooled them lol but that easy off stands in my mind. It will never go away.
They say for every action there is a reaction. I think and the Drs do also that the eazy off was the reacttor. As I said, I used no gloves or masks as a rule. Just oncein a while I would be conscience of it and grab some. the rest of the time I thought I was infallable.

I hope also that this will help someone. I only come in here once in a while and leave. I think they call someone like me a troll lol. It's just that I can't fit everything in a dat. But when I saw this I had to comment. Nw I know why they tell you to use dawn on your kittens for fleas.
have a good one. Maybe someday I can set aside some time to just hang around here. Have had lots of experiences in my life and also still need many questions answered.

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Most stores sell long handled cleaning sticks with a pad at the end. I think mine came from Target. Scrubbing Bubbles in the aerosol can would allow you to spray the areas you couldn't reach.

Figuring out a way to rinse the tub can be more difficult. If you have a tub and shower combo, you can replace the shower head with a hand-held shower. When I had to clean a whirlpool tub, I used a plastic pitcher from the dollar store, filled it with water and sort of threw the water at the sides of the tub. I was glad when we moved and didn't have that tub any more.

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I clean two houses with that sort of tub and what a pain! Convinced me I'd never want one.

I climb in and use Scrubbing Bubbles. Use a large cup to rinse.,

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1. Start to clean the tub right after a bath has been taken...the hot water and steam loosens the grime.
2. Spray Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer in the tub, and let it sit for about 5 min
3. Rinse your tub, either by using a pitcher filled with water, or just spray it down with the shower head
4. Wipe down the tub with a towel, concentrating the most on the area where the grimy "ring" forms (you won't have to scrub, just wipe). Tub should be clean as a whistle when you're done.

I used to use an oil in my bath water, but the mess was just too horrible to clean up. Perhaps your hubby can switch to a bath salt instead...they come in manly scents, and they don't leave nearly the residue. If he won't switch, make HIM clean up the greasy mess! ;)

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"Any products that will cut the grease?" Yes, Shakee Basic-H2. Add a tsp to the water and it will clean out the pipes and leave no ring. Non-toxic and fragrance free; you can bathe in it too; great bubbles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basic H2

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You didn't say whether the tub has jets - I've been told that if it does, you shouldn't use ANY oils or even bubble-bath in the tub or it will mess up the internal motor and jets.

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I don't even have a soaking tub, but a large "reader's" tub, and found I have to get inside to clean the far edge. is a great example of, be careful what you wish for--everything carries new burdens.

Ditto the bath salt idea--hopefully your hubby is not attached to the oil concept itself, but to the scent experience that can be reproduced with less burden. And hopefully you can discuss this without making him feel bad--like most people, he probably never even considered the issues. Of course you can use a de-greasing product and clean after each use, but still, the whole bath oil deal is just like shooting yourself in the foot and creates a cleaning imperative that can be avoided. Meaning, I expect my tub, after a good cleaning, to last through several baths, or to just be able to make a quick rinse and swipe, whereas my guess is that a bath-oil bath renders the tub not nice for any subsequent bath unless cleaned thoroughly. Read Don Aslett's books on how so many of our choices in materials, shapes, locations of our furnishings and finishes make cleaning a nightmare and how to try to reduce some of it.

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Do it while you are in the bathtub.:>) Start to empty
water when finished soaking. Have a paper-towel or a
handi-wipe, or whatever you might like to use, a little
shampoo on it, and wipe it down..and all around. Take
some of the draining water and rinse off sides. Get out
of tub. Dry off. Then, use a pitcher or your hand held
shower, and rinse off again with clean water. All done.
If you do it every couple of times, there is never
a dirty tub. Takes less than a couple of minutes.


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