riverrat1July 5, 2009

How in the world do I clean the black streaks off of our white gutters? The vertical lines are resistant to pressure washing, bleach and a scrub brush.

I remember a few years ago someone said there was a product in a spray bottle that would remove these stains. All you had to do was spray it on and wait a little while then spray with your water hose. All the streaks would then be gone! I can't remember the name of the product. I think they said you could buy it at a home building big box store.

Help! I can't find the product...

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I haven't used it, but there is a version of Krud Kutter for cleaning gutters and exterior metal surfaces.

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Hey girlfriend! I had the perfect product-it worked miracles for my gutter stains. So I ran to the garage to get the name of it so I could be your hero. Well, the last time I used it, I poured it into another container and labeled it "gutter cleaner". Ratz!!

I got it on the internet so I googled an couldn't find anything that looked familiar. I'll keep trying.

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Hey Sis,

You are my hero! Uuummmmmm, cleaning hero that is ;-)

Before I posted this thread I thought about asking you. I bought the "Krud Kutter" yesterday and will attempt the job when it quits raining.

Thank you Graywings!

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Let us know how the Krud Kutter works because I have to clean mine as well.

I have to clean my house siding and am going to use a solution of TSP, bleach and clothes washing detergent (Tide). I will spray some on the gutters and report on how it works.

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