bevangel_i_h8_h0uzzMarch 8, 2013

Would you email me off-line by clicking on the "my page" link next to my name on this post. Your comment on the monthly "how is your build progressing" thread about your master closet having a supporting wall down the middle doesn't make sense to me. I have a similar staircase with DH's office fitted under the upper flight of stairs much as your closet is. We don't have a "supporting wall" blocking any portion of the office. Maybe I can hunt up some pics of our framing to help your builder fix yours. But I want to see that I'm understanding the problem first.

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Email sent! :)

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Now that she's seen it...
When I read that, I was puzzled and went back to the floorplan. I suspect they are using the "supporting wall in the middle of the closet" to hang floor joists from for the second floor toward the front of the house.

Does that sound right, Sweet. Reverie?

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Yes kirkhall, that seems to be the case. It was not something that was very clear from the plans because the walls appeared to be for the stairs. I took a few pics with my phone.

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