brown calcium build-up in the toilet bowl

andy2007July 2, 2006

We moved into this 2-year old home 6 weeks ago. During the

inspection we noticed this dark brown calcium build-up dirt

inside every (4 of them) toilet bowl where the water remains. We thought Clorox bleach or C-L-R would clean it. It did not.

We tried Vinegar and did not work. Does anyone know what

will remove this stain? Any branded product? Generic chemicals? Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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I'm not sure whats its called, but i have some here now...You can get it at "Home Depot"...Its a gray 2" rectangle type bar thats made of some hard ceramic type material and you scrub the stain away, a little bit of elbow grease and it takes it right off...It won't scratch the toilet but wears down pretty fast as you scrub...Just ask someone in Home Depot and if they don't know then explain it to them....

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Pumice stone?

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If I use pumice stone to clean the brown calcium build-up
inside the toilet bowl, would it not scratch the surface
of the porcelain? Has someone tried it and what is the
result? Many thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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No damage. That is exactly what it is sold for, has been around forever. For trivia: My mother is from europe. They always used in for rough skin like heels and calluses. It was very hard to find in the 70's and 80's when "new and improved" was in and old was out. Now it is poping up everywhere. I get mine at WalMart.

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It does scratch the toilet. And that will just make it harder to clean the next time. It does work however.

Drain all the water from the bowl then use Kaboom or ajax with a Mr. Magic Eraser. That will scratch to some extent as well, but nothing like a pumice stone.

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I just bet some Bar Keepers friend will take it right off- might have to scrub- and it won't scratch. Get it where you get the Comet.

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Pumice stones (pieces of lava rock, sometimes called pumies) do not scratch porcelain if they are first submerged in water. Used dry, they definitely will scratch. Don't know why that is. They do degrade rather rapidly, and are normally recommended for anywhere standing water and air meet in a container, such as aquariums or toilets, the main two examples I can think of.

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I use a small piece of drywall sandpaper. Fine. It works great and no scratching.

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THE WORKS! I tried everything with the same problem THE WORKS will clean it guaranteed! If it's real bad leave/soak it in toilet over night. I've tried all THE WORKS products and they are the best! They are available at almost every store. Cheapest palce I found is Walmart.

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