How to deoderize insoles of sandals and shoes.....

krissie55July 30, 2012

Use a wet rag dipped into baking soda and scrub the insole of sandals and shoes. Rinse rag, squeeze good, wipe out baking soda. Dry sandals or shoes under a fan over night.

An old tooth brush works well to scrub with too.

Ahhhhh!!! shoes do not stink! Do this off and on and your feet will thank you!

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Good for you. I am lucky my feet or shoes never smell, neither did my husbands. Maybe it's the body chemistry I don't know. We changed shoes often and for my husband who had athletes foot wore white socks, changed them as soon as he came home from work and took off his shoes. Maybe that helped.

A tip, I used throw away battery tooth brushes for awhile and saved the old one for scrubbers. They are wonderful around faucets.

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