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jerry_njJuly 17, 2011

I have used a full size canister vacuum cleaner for years to vacuum dust/webs etc. form the walls and ceiling of rooms, and to dust the hardwood stairs. With the passing years I begin to wonder if there is a small, over the shoulder say, vacuum that one can use that is light, effective, with a good filter and moderate noise.

I will continue to use the full size canister to clean hardwood/tile floors, but wonder if there is a good small and light unit that would make some of the work easier.

I do not like the battery operated hand vacuums, their filet lets lots of dust through and the batteries never last more than a few minutes.

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When it comes to very compact portable vacuum cleaners, you are not going to find too many with great filtration.

Look at the Sanitaire SC3683. This vacuum will be the largest of the cleaners I mention. It is a proven compact canister and uses a larger vacuum cleaner bag. It also comes with a shoulder strap. This model does accept a HEPA filter. The possible drawback for you would be that it is slightly larger than the models below, plus it will be somewhat loud, when carried over your shoulder or rolled on uncovered floors.

If you want something smaller, take a look at the Fast Vac FV500. It can be found for around $80. It uses a shoulder strap also. This vacuum can also be found as the Riccar Supraquik and Simplicity Sport. These two will cost more than the Fast Vac and the Sanitaire.

Oreck also has a similar portable vac with a shoulder strap. Oreck's older model may still be available, but they also have a new portable called the Ultimate. It sells for $150. If the previous model can be found, it could be as low as $99.

With all of these shoulder vacs above, you may need to purchase a generic wall and floor brush, but the brush can be inexpensive to purchase.

Hoover also has a shoulder vac called the PortaPower CH30000, which weighs slightly more than the FastVac, Simplicity and Riccar plus is slightly larger. This vacuum comes with a wall and floor brush. I have seen this offered as low as $100. This model will not filter as well as the Sanitaire, if that is important to you.

These are just a few of the "shoulder-type" vacs. There are other small compact vacuums, which are not carried over the shoulder, but instead roll on the floor only.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sanitaire SC3683

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Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to add an extender hose and a dust brush tool. Begin by vacuuming the ceiling and work your way down the walls.

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Thanks, I see the appearance of the Sanitaire SC3683 is similar to the Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G at about $70 and a 12 amp motor, the SC has a 10 amp motor. Not sure how that relates to suction and noise.

I did mention the shoulder vacuum, both the Eureka and the Sanitaire appear to be a light pull around with the possibility on the Sanitaire of hanging it from the shoulder with a strap.

I am picking up on the cleaning and have to ask: does one vacuum the whole ceiling, just like a floor - using a floor brush? I used a dusting brush to vacuum the joint between the ceiling and walls and down the corners to the base boards. If I do not see any webs on the walls and ceiling, should I vacuum just to get the dust off?


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AB Electrolux's Eureka and Sanitaire line have Mighty Mite vacuums in different price ranges. Usually, the cheapest model will have the least features. The Sanitaire mentioned has features that you were looking for. The cheaper Eureka uses cheaper attachments and does not accept an optional HEPA filter. I do not know your allergy level, from what you wrote re: wanting filtration. If you just want better filtration, but do not have allergies, then a cheap Mighty Mite would do fine when using a microlined vac bag. You most definately need to purchase a floor and wall brush with the cheaper models. At least with the Sanitaire SC3683, you could use the combination rug/floor brush for wall and ceiling, if you use it carefully and slowly.

Motor amps has nothing to do with how powerful a vacuum is. There are vacuum cleaners that use lower amp motors, that are more powerful.

I suggest to everyone that they occasionally vacuum the walls and ceilings, because they can collect dust. A good floor and wall brush attachment works well at picking up dust. Just vacuum up and down the wall. When vacuuming the ceiling, I have found it best to just use back strokes. This is very important when cleaning a textured ceiling that uses that "popcorn". Moving the brush backwards and slowly, helps to keep the "popcorn" attached. I want to add to not use alot of pressure, when you pull the attachment on the ceiling. Great accumulations of dust can be found around the ceiling fan and wall and ceiling vents.

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Thanks, very helpful.

My concern about a compact filter is the battery operated hand vacuums let so much stuff through it is possible to see it flying out the vents. My allergy condition isn't severe, I think we all have problems in the spring when all the pollen is flying.

My wife said "vacuum the ceiling and walls". I thought "What?" Seems she said what is done. She cleaned the house all our 50+ married years, except for the floors. I don't recall seeing her vacuum the ceilings, guess I was away or just not watching. My picking up this work is to help more as she has become less able to do hard physical work... being we're both seniors. I suppose hiring a housekeeper is next. I think I can handle the cleaning myself, I am now retired and have the time if not the energy.

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