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mem9April 15, 2010

So: The installation instructions for Electrolux wall ovens actually say that the minimum cabinet size is 1/8" wider than the width of the oven (27-1/8" cabinet for a 27" oven; 30-1/8 inch cabinet for a 30" oven). That seems weird: who has a 27-1/8 wide oven cabinet? In any case: have you successfully installed a 30" Electrolux wall oven in a 30" cabinet; or a 27" oven in a 27" cabinet?

(Context: When we partially redid our Kitchen in late 2003, we got some new applicances (the most exciting being a 30" BlueStar rangetop) but kept the old 24" Kenmore Double Wall oven because, well, because it still worked fine, if with limited features. It still works seven years later but we will probably replace it in the not too distant future. I'd prefer to get a 27" double oven, rather than another 24." (If 24" (stainless; at least one convection), the main candidate is the Kitchenaid. Yeah, Miele or Gaggenau would be cool, but just too much money as you need to buy two of them.)

We have a 27" oven cabinet. The maximum cut-out that will be possible with that cabinet is 25-1/4". Only a limited number of 27"-wide ovens fit that bill (the others require a 25-1/2" wide cut-out). Among those that qualify are GE Monogram, GE Profile, Kenmore Elite, and Electroux. I was leaning toward the Electrolux, unitl I saw the odd cabinet-size requirement that started this post.)

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Those measurements are for the OPENING, not the cabinet. An oven that fits in a 30" cabinet will not physically be 30" wide as then there would be no room for the sides of the cabinet. I'll have to go look but I think my 30" oven is actually more around 28.5" wide so the opening in a 30" cabinet had to be between 28.825 and 29", or something like that. May be less.

My Elux install instructions gave actual min and max cutout sizes, and they only do allow about 1/4" variance so they want the cutout to be close. I think where the 1/8" is they want that for the inside clearance, meaning they do not want the cabinet walls to actually touch the oven. This would depend on if you have face framed or frameless cabinets.


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Ok, I went and checked. I'm not sure where you were finding the info but it is very clear on the installation manual - has lots of drawings.

The Cut Out demensions are 24-7/8 to 25-1/4 for the 27" oven and 28-1/2 to 29 for the 30" oven.

Part of the oven overlaps the frame, so that is where they get the measure from (30" or 27") not from the part that slides into the cabinet.

Sounds like 27" would fit just fine in your existing cabinet.


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Cathy --

Thanks, but I am aware of the cut-out widths. My issue is with what is listed as the minimum cabinet width, which is item I in Figure 1 in the the link. This lists a minimum cabinet width of 30-1/8 or 27-1/8, which did not make much sense to me.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electrolux Installation

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that is 'minimum' cabinet width, right? it'll look nicer if the cab is a bit bigger so the edging around it has a place to land?

maybe someone might want to squeeze it in a place they already have...or is making the cab themselves and are trying to save room.

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Ok, I measured my oven, and at the very widest part it is 30-1/8" wide. There is a small piece of trim right under the top potion (controls) that sticks just a hair wider than the rest of the oven. I assume that is why they are coming up with that measure. If you have a cabinet alongside that this trim can overlap on, I can't see how it will be a problem. However if your wall oven cabinet sticks out, that small trim would protrude out 1/16" on each side.

If you have a face frame (like I do) this normally would not be a problem as you would want a wider cabinet so the face would show. If you have frame-less this might be an issue if you have 1/2" thick boxes.

From what I can see, there is no other reason for that strange measurement, so it would be up to you to determine if that would be an issue.

BTW - when I measured my old cabinets out of curiosity, I had many that weren't exactly what I expected them to be. But my old ones were about as cheap as one could buy - so glad to be getting them out of the house!

hope that helps.


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Cathy --

Ah ha, I see. Thanks.

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