Electrolux Icon E30EW85GSS Double Wall Oven issues

RRichardsonApril 30, 2014

I bought a new Electrolux E30EW85GSS double wall oven that was a floor model from an Electrolux dealer that also installed. After install, the racks slide into the oven on their own & I burned my arm on the rack trying to get a hot casserole out. Called dealer/installer & they came out & stated everything was OK, it was a problem w/my kitchen cabinet not being plumb (not true). After a few weeks, part of the LED lights on the time display went out. Elux repair guy from VIA appliances came out, said he had to order part & would come back. 2 wks later he came back out, fixed the LED lights & could not get the oven back in. He told us that it was installed improperly, that the junction box in the back at the bottom was sticking out too far from the back wall so the upper part was flush to the cabinet but the lower part was sticking too far out and the screws put in during install were cockeyed. Left the oven sitting out & told us to get ApplianceLand installers to come out & install it correctly. Installers came out & stated that there was nothing they could do because the wires of the double oven were too short for them to seat the junction box further back & Electrolux would not allow an extension or it would void the warranty. Now we are left with an oven that will never go back in when the Electrolux VIA guys come out to fix it (I haven't even used self clean yet) & will require a 2nd visit from dealer installers to put it back in. After my warranty expires, I will need to pay double for any repairs. After reading forums, I called Electrolux CS and told my tale to Jasmine in Georgia, who said, "Sorry, your warranty does not cover improper installation." I said, I purchased a new oven from an Electrolux authorized dealer & paid their installers, so it should. Installers blame Electrolux design, Electrolux VIA repairman blames installers. I asked to return the oven & buy another brand right after the LED lights went out, but ApplianceLand said, "No, your 30-day return window has elapsed." What can I do?

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What I would do, is wait till you get a few more responses to your thread, and then send the URL for the thread to Electrolux.

There is a "TREMENDOUS" amount of competition among ovens. Electrolux enjoyed being one of the favorites here in Garden Web.

There were a few "Early" porcelain problems with the Electrolux, but we have seen no problems with ovens made since 2012 or so, and those that were replaced , we saw no complaints about the replacement ovens, (unlike Elux's Expensive Competition).

Now Bosch has a new oven out, and things "Seem to be" swinging in the favour of the Bosch Ovens, here in Garden Web~~~~~hopefully Electrolux is smart enough to know that posts , (such as yours), wlll only be an asset to Bosch, whilst at the same time a "Liability" to Electrolux.

I've had my Electrolux Icon for 8 years now. No problems "WHATSOVER'!!!!!!!, but if I keep seeing more posts, (such as yours), well I "might"~~~~just "Might", jump on the "Bosch Band Wagon", Toooooo!!!!!!

I mean, you are getting more "Runaround" than the Ferris Wheels and carousels at the Circus!!!

Send them the Thread~~~~They need to "Smarten Up"!!!!!!


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Thank you Gary

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That is a disturbing story, given that your problems are with the Electrolux oven that I was planning to purchase. Still have time, though, so will do more research...

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A women over in kitchens had issues with tile she purchased and got the runaround initially. She did a polite complaint on the company's Facebook page and got their immediate attention and an excellent resolution.

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I was just on AJ Madison and Goedeckers web sites looking at the ELUX double wall ovens. I had been at Best Buy last week where they have a Pacific Sales showroom and looked at them in person and have been planning on ordering them over the Memorial day holiday (when they are supposed to be better priced). I will wait to see how this turns out as the Bosch ovens were definitely in second place for purchase by me. Price is not the most important consideration. Warranty and customer service is and I know Bosch service in my area is good.
Companies need to learn the good will toward a customer, especially one who posts on gardenweb, earns them much in the way of business. Stand behind your product or help a customer solve an issue and your customer base expands. Try to escape your obligation or treat a customer poorly, and your base shrinks.
Pay attention to your customers and their needs.

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Thank you for the Facebook suggestion, I just did that. If you go to the Electrolux FB page (URL BELOW) and in the center of its FB page right under the cover photo, hover your cursor over "Highlights" & then select "Posts by Others" it is alarming to read the posts that people have left. I wish I had looked there before I bought the oven.

I was told that Bosch ovens were popular but I did not see any Bosch double wall ovens when I went to ApplianceLand and HHGregg.

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You find posts like that on all companies, on all kinds of websites. I challenge you to find a competitor to Electrolux with a Facebook page that does not have complaints. Consumers have realized that social media is the most effective way nowadays to get their problems resolved.

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The first Electrolux oven (a single) we had wouldn't fit in the cabinet. The cabinet hole was square, but the oven was not. The box looked fine,but the whole thing was racked. We had our contractor take it back and we ordered another one. We were there when he unloaded it. Box looked fine, When we opened the door, both corners of the box down by the hinge had an alarming amount of distintively-blue "powder"-- fine glass shard from the enamel. We couldn't see visible cracks,but that was just too scary after reading about the blue enamel issues of the past. Took that one back, ordered a third. Were starting to think that maybe a whole container got dropped onto a dock or something. Something stressful had happened in the door hinge area.

Third time, we unpacked the carton ourselves on the loading dock at the warehouse. There was some blue dust, but not nearly as much as before. We accepted this one, and now counters have been installed over it and work is marching on, but it hasn't been used yet, so only time will tell if we should have accepted that one or just moved on.

We were also considering a Bosch as a contender. Then just recently, I read here about one catching on fire. You can always get a lemon, but it's not like there are some 100% reliable options out there. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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Don't use self clean for the entire session they tell you to use it for unless you want more problems.
Most jurisdictions have some sort of laws along the lines of "products when sold and correctly installed must be capable of satisfactorily performing their given function as intended."
You could look into how a Small Claims Court action would be brought in your area if you really can't get their attention any other way.

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Well, the posting to Facebook along with the URL link to this forum at GardenWeb yielded only a response from Electrolux. They emailed me with the name of yet another Electrolux installer that I would need to pay to come out to reinstall the oven. Electrolux suggested that these installers could keep in contact with them & maybe the problem would be solved. Ha! The 1st installers did precisely that. We have exposed shims & no trim around the oven to keep the oven level. Haven't used the clean cycle at all yet. 1-yr warranty expired & now found out extended warranty is covered by a 3rd party, NSI. Electrolux warranty repair man told me he never uses the clean cycle & that dirty ovens make better tasting food. Yikes!

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I have had my Electrolux ICON for almost 5 years and my biggest complaints were the same as what I am reading here. I started searching and found this site, because my oven is being replaced by my master protection agreement. I considered replacing my oven with another Electrolux thinking they are making them better now and I thought it would be nice to keep the match to my Electrolux gas stovetop. The first time I used my self cleaning option after I owned it a year, the paint was ruined on the bottom of the oven. It looks cloudy gray. I know I should have tried it sooner. I owned one before this and the blue coating looked so much better. My current oven looks like it was spray painted and has drips and uneven color. I wanted to return it but my husband said no. Also I have also burned my hands many times as the glider rack moves way too easily, which has caused me to spill a dish or two all over the hot glass door. Needless to say it is very difficult to clean up. So I decided to use the basic rack but it barely moves when the oven gets hot and it goes crooked and gets stuck and my food sloshes all over.

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I've been waiting for my reno for 5 years, and we're planning to start this spring. Until about 2 years ago I had planned on using Electrolux ovens because people here were so happy with them and they were reasonably priced. Now, however, I'm planning on Bosch. This thread definitely reinforces my decision.

RRichardson, I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. I hope you get satisfaction through small claims court if Electrolux continues to refuse to help you. Thank you for posting.

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