Where do you put the plunger after use?

Alice JohannenJuly 27, 2006

Hi everyone --

I know this is a gross question, and maybe this isn't the right place to ask, but ... what do you do with the plunger after you've used it to unclog your toilet (presuming your toilet clogs)?

My DS (7 y.o.) sometimes is very, um, prolific and the toilet can't handle his "generosity" as it were. So I have to plunge really dirty water. Trouble is, once I get the clog taken care of, I am at a loss as to what's the best sanitary way to deal with the plunger.

Any tips? This is something Mom never taught me!!

Thanks, all, and sorry for the gross-out.

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Well, we put it in the garage, but if it is regularly used, you might find a plastic container (like a 1/2 gal ice cream container) to rest the plunger in and keep it in the bathroom. Maybe it would fit in a cabinet under the sink out of view? Let dry first.

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Yesterday morning, I dried it off and took it right back down the basement. I'm with Socks about a plastic container housed nearby.

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Having to use ours regularly in one bathroom w/carpeting I've found I'd best keep it right next to the, um, facility. I keep a foam plate behind the toilet and put the plumbers helper there. I change the plate frequently. I like the idea of perhaps a cut off bleach bottle bottom and plan on trying that next.

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We keep one in the guest bathroom. I've found it's a little less... embarassing for the guest to already have it at hand without having to ask. I use the bottom saucer from the plastic "terracotta" pots. You can purchase then separately from the pots and they come in all sizes to fit whatever type of plunger you may have.
Happy Cleaning,

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Plastic Folgers coffee can....stored in closet in bathroom. Also use one to accumulate compost in the kitchen and throw out when gets too nasty.

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Rinsed in a flushed toilet, business end placed in a garbage bag and taken back to the garage. But these are some more creative solution posted here. I still would rather not have it in the house! Thankfully our toilets are very forgiving.

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Mine is not used really frequently, especially with our new toilet (haven't needed it yet!). I would rinse it in a clean toilet, take it outside for a hosing and cleaning with bleach cleaner, and then store it near the toilet for future needs. I like the idea of having it really clean between uses so I'm not grossed out when I have to move it to mop the floor, etc. But I agree that there would be nothing more embarrassing than being a guest somewhere, clogging the toilet, and then having to ask for help because a plunger was nowhere to be found.

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I, too, swish it around in the flushed water with the addition of Comet or other cleaner and set it in a plastic paint bucket (the small size) and then transport it to a less obvious place. I also leave one in the guest bathroom. My CT country home's toilets are flushing sluggishly, not a problem in NYC, usually. :)

Less product per flush would be appreciated, but how do you demand that? LOL


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I have always used plastic grocery bags and keep it one of the other bathrooms other than the master. Which isn't too convenient by the way. I like the plastic pail ideas better.

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Alice Johannen

Glad to hear I have some good company as far as swishing it in the clear potty water (after the clog has been plunged out). I think I'll take you up on the plastic container idea and keep it next to this particular commode. The closet won't accommodate Il Plungerado, and it needs to be right there for convenience. :-)

Thanks, all!

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Empty the bathroom trash receptacle before removing the plunger from the clean potty water (add a bit of bleach to the potty first if I am in the mood). Place plunger in receptacle and carry it outside to dry and sit in the sun. Alternatively remove plunger from receptacle and place handle under bath window sash with rubber part extending from house until dry. (Who cares if the neighbors think I am using it to keep aliens away!) After one of these, store the clean plunger anywhere. Note, I hate the toilet brush/caddy combos because the caddies are full of water for days after using the brush so I use the same procedures for that.

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I have a plastic bathroom waste basket. lined with a plastic grocery bag that works quite well for it

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I keep it next to the toilet and rinse it in the clean toilet water. I have holder similar to this only it is decorative and matches the marble tile in the bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: Plunger Holder

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Home Depot sells small plungers that sit in a white holder that makes it look like it's a toilet brush, rather than a plunger. It's open in the back (not like the ones that are totally contained), but the front is totally hidden. We have one in the two bathrooms that guests use so they don't have to ask.

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I have ours in a "disposable paint bucket" that we took metal handle off of... It fits inside perfectly and we keep on in each bath, either along side the toilet or under the sink with all the cleaning stuff...

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I was dreading getting my first low volume toilet until I stayed in a hotel with the Toto line of products. Fortunately for me I procrastinated in getting one and now American Standard has the same type of engineering in their toilets for half the cost or less. I know I sound like a shill for American Standard but I LOVE my new Cadet 3 toilet. It is very quiet, flushes completely in 2 seconds (see video below) and refills quickly and quietly in 30 seconds.

You can see two different models at these two links


You can see the American Standard "Flush Right" system in action...go to this link and...
Click on "Why Flush Right?"
In the new window click on "See the Flush Right flushing system in action"
In the new window on the right,click the > button to play the video.

Any toilet that can flush over a dozen golf balls in 2 seconds can probably handle your 7-year-old's production. I decided the first time I DON'T have to call a plumber for a drain clean out, or embarrass my guests with plumbing problems, I will have easily paid for the toilet.

If I owned a plunger I would clean it as best I could in the clean toilet, shake water off, and drop it in the trash can to dry.

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I also swish mine in the clean water, then I spray it (holding it over the toilet) with Lysol foaming bathroom disinfective and put it in a plastic pail in the basement.

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Wrap it in plastic bags (double or triple those plastic grocery bags, and that works well for me), set it in the garage. If you have small children keep it out of their reach, which includes off the bathroom floor or linen closets.

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