plastic carpet protector residue removal?

dlr98004July 15, 2010

Good intentions gone bad? We put down that plastic carpet protector stuff they use in model homes to protect our main carpet paths from grime while we were remodeling. We just pulled it up tonight and there is a sort of sticky residue where the plastic was. DOH! What should we do to clean it? Is there anything we can do? I KNOW this will be a dirt magnet - probably worse than the problem we were trying to avoid. YIKES. Any suggestions short of getting new carpeting?

Four areas affected are about 3' wide x 8' long.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Sounds bad. The plastic probably had some kind of adhesive. I know when we remodeled our contractor bought in a cloth (looked like muslin) runner to protect our carpeting. The only thing I would do is test with some kind of adhesive remover. I'd try hair spray, alcohol, maybe even try to contact the company that made that plastic runner. Good luck to you!

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I would give my old standby Spot Shot a try on your carpet. It is petroleum-based. Maybe mineral spirits?

Here is a link that might be useful: Spot Shot.

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Hi Diane, sorry to hear about your residue problem.

This will happen if the product is left down too long, is exposed to direct sunlight or if its a cheap product. We had these problems wiht some of our contracting jobs and switched to a better type that lasts 60 days and doesn't leave residue. In fact, they posted help for people using these problem products and I included thier link below. it has lots of suggestions for how to deal with it.

Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: plastic carpet protector residue removal

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