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extenny22April 9, 2013

it is cruch time and we need to make a decsions on the bathroom layout. any opinion on the layouts below? I know many dont like the lundry in the bathroom but this is what we are going with as this si the only place it works based on future plans. I am willing to lose the toilet closet in the 1st picture. if we went with pciture #2 we would go with a 40 inch vanity and expand the washer/dryer area to include shelves and a counter. any input would be greatly appreciated

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picture 2

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What room/hallway will the BR be off of? In first photo, it says existing FR. If the BR will be facing a public area, I wouldn't want to put the toilet facing the door as in Pic#2. If this was a Master Bath, it wouldn't be so bad.

I prefer the second layout (other than having the potential for someone to walk in/see you while on the toilet), it seems less crowded, and you'll have a nice big shower!

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Tough one. Some people hate toilet closets, but I like them especially if it's sharing a laundry. fresh smelling laundry...and a toilet, buzz kill.
However I see your point about having a larger shower.
Yet having the toilet straight ahead from the door is bad. Can you swap the toilet with the vanity?

Also depends on who will be using this bathroom or if it's the only one on the floor. If it's a more public space and if the only one on that level I wouldn't give up the toilet closet.

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Hard to tell, it will be close, but how about putting the W/D where the linen closet is, toilet where the W/D currently is (won't be closed in, but at least a little hidden), and linen closet where the toilet is, facing the vanity?

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What about something like this? (Each block represents 1')

You could also eliminate the linen tower in the right corner and run the counter around the corner to join with the counter to the side of the washer/dryer. (I've drawn a stacked w/d in the diagram.) You can use a traditional door with either an in- or out-swing or a pocket door.

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I don't know your home or living situation, but I don't think I'd give up the toilet. Then it's just a laundry room with a shower -- and why would you want/need a shower more than a toilet?

I would look at doing your second plan but flipping the toilet and vanity. The toilet would be next to the WD and the vanity along the back wall. I would make at least 2/3 of the the linen base and wall cabinets so that you get a counter to fold and sort or at least a landing spot for a laundry basket. If you put a swing door on the room, your won't be able to use that space as well even if only for storage. If you use a swing door at the toilet, you will hardly be able to get into the toilet area or you could bang the vanity or anyone standing at it.

If you will need the sink for laundry (soaking,spotting, hand washing etc.), crafts or utility purposes, I would consider putting in a single farmhouse sink or some other sort of still stylish work sink to serve a hybridized function. Some of that depends on where this bathroom is located and what kind of decor you need.

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Thank you all for your suggestions!
Here is some more information: we are adding this BR in our basement. We are remodeling our 1920 home basement by adding a guest bedroom (sometime in the future), living room and this BR. This will be used quite frequently as the other only BR (tiny one!!!) is on the second floor.
We donâÂÂt really have anywhere else to put the laundry as the current laundry area will be transformed into workshop & storage with the utility sink. So we are hoping to have enough storage next to the W/D for soaps, laundry basket, etc. Linen and toiletries storage is also must haves.
Mydreamhome ��" Thanks for your plan!

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I have another idea that might or might not work, and might end up with you not having to have the laundry room in the bathroom.

In the upper right hand corner next to the stairway build a niche to put the stacked washer and dryer. There could even be some narrow shelving to the left of the stack. The wall would extend out in front of the washer/dryer by maybe 18" and would be the wall that separates the bathroom which would be on the left side of the wall. The laundry area would be completed with an L shaped counter (with curved edges) in the lower right hand corner of your plan. The wall at the bottom of the L would be to the ceiling creating separation, but this would be an open area with no door shutting off the laundry area.

Your bathroom would have an irregular shape (basically a rectangle with the lower right corner cut off. The door opening is on that angled wall kind of across from the end of the laundry L (about where the door arc is on drawing #2).

Once inside the bathroom you could have the toilet backing on the wall that separates it from the laundry room. There could be a cupboard/linen closet south of the toilet partially screening the toilet. In the upper left hand corner you'd have a custom built, trapezoid shaped shower, angled from wider at the back (north on your drawing) of the room to narrower at the front. In the lower left hand corner you could have a sink with a curved counter (to avoid sharp corners) by the door. As you stand in front of the sink, you'd be facing the bottom of your current drawing.

I didn't do any measuring at all to see if things would fit this way. Try measuring it out to see.

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