how do you get wax off brass?

holleygarden Zone 8, East TexasJuly 26, 2009

For our anniversary, DH made us a nice dinner. We dined by candlelight. Very romantic.

Unfortunately, the wax from the candles dripped all over the brass candlesticks, and I don't know how to clean the wax off them. These candlesticks have felt on the bottom, so that may be important to know for some cleaning methods.

Can you tell me how I can get the wax off these brass candlesticks? It is a LOT of wax ALL over them! Thanks!

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Put the candlesticks in the freezer for an hour or so. It should pop right off when you go at the wax with your fingernail.

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Pop off the big chunks using a wood toothpick if necessary. Then heat the remaining wax with a hair dryer and wipe off.

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