Pocket doors not smooth. Why?

babs711March 18, 2012

I've been out of town for a week. The trim has been started and some interior doors put in. However, most of our pocket doors seem rather stiff when opening and closing them. They're smooth and not bumpy yet require some effort to open and close. Why would this be? How would this be corrected?

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The door could be dragging on something, or it could be cheap hardware or a heavy door.

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I talked to the contractor this morning. The doors came in warped. They're waiting on replacements as we speak.

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"The doors came in warped."

that would do it.

The clearance to the split jamb on the pocket side is usually right around 1/16 inch or so (up to about 1/8 inch occasionally).

It does not take much warping to cause a problem.

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Brad Edwards

Personally its this very reason I am going WO pocket doors in our build. I have seen it a couple of times on brand new builds and pocket doors usually get much worse over the ages with abuse "especially with kids".

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I'm not worried about them after the install. The hardware is good and our contractor is fantastic. Warped doors are solid core and replacements are being shipped now. I've felt his pocket doors in his other houses. They're super smooth and quiet which is why I was perplexed about ours being stiff.

We put them in my exercise room, the master hallway entrance, the master bath, and the wetbar entrance. I'm not worried about kids in those areas. I feel good about them.

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