one paint color?

gingerjennyMarch 15, 2012

If you had to pick one color for the whole house what color would you pick? i'm thinking either a beige or a soft grey. We will paint some other rooms later but we are on a budget with this house and I don't want to pay extra for the paint colors to change. $100 for an accent wall?

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Our build came with 2 wall paint colors--the boys' wanted blue rooms, so that's what they got. The rest of the house is SW Simply Beige. It looks a little pinky until it dries completely, then it's a beautiful neutral beige.

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I would do SW Universal Khaki (or Relaxed Khaki if I wanted lighter) because I've used it before and I know it doesn't have any pink undertones but it's still warm enough for me. It really looks good with everything.

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mydreamhome...thanks for the photo. that does look like a nice beige. Looks great with the white trim too! Guess I better make a trip to SW to see it in person.

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I was in a model home recently that was painted in Sherwin Williams called Tony Taupe (SW7038) and it looked just perfect! No pink or green in it at all. I wrote it down for when our house is ready to paint (we are still working on plans!)

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Here is a great post with some color comparisons

Here is a link that might be useful: Sample SW colors

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BM Grant Beige
SW Kilim Beige
SW Nomadic Desert

Don't go by the photos you see or the tiny paint chips. You need to buy samples, paint onto 11x17 artist canvas (cheap ones from walmart) and take them to the new house. The beige that someone swears has no ugly undertone, will be the one that turns bandaid beige in your house. All the beiges I used in my old house in the Northeast did not work in my current house in CA.

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I wanted a light beige - many of those suggested are quite dark - since I was painting it mostly everywhere, including basement rooms with no windows. I also wanted no yellow undertones and no pink undertones. I used carrington beige which I love!!! It looks great in all rooms - whether they have lots of sun or no sun.

I did do Bleeker Beige in my dining room and Shaker Beige in one son's room/bath (looked better with his bedding and tile), and am going to do the SW mix of Farrow and Ball's stony ground in my bedroom because it looks good with my fabric. None of these are very dark but I tend to like light and bright :). Shaker Beige can turn pink in the wrong place and I would be cautious using that all over . . .

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I used two neutrals in my house, one a cooler, greyish color with a barely hint of blue, and a warmer, taupey color. The cool grey is SW Lattice, and the warm beige is SW Grecian Ivory. Of the two I REALLY love the Lattice the is such a perfect color and makes me feel calm and peaceful.
I fee like I have posted these shots so much, but I think they give you a feel for the colors.

Family room, Lattice (bit of Grecian Ivory in the foreground (foyer.)

Another shot of Lattice:
(looks blue in this pic, but it really isn't at all...

Grecian Ivory in the dining room:


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Also, I bought those huge foam boards and painted samples on them and moved them around. One color on each side and painted to the edges (I labeled in the middle with masking tape). I didn't want to be distracted by white around the edges (this was more important when choosing outside colors).

Phoebe Howard (a southern decorator) has a list of her favorite paint colors on her blog - blues, greens, trim colors, neutrals, etc. They are all fairly light because she rarely does dark colors on the wall, but it is a great resource. They are all good colors.

I'll attach the beige list.

Also - you can order from BM online large swatches if your paint store doesn't have them (mine doesn't). You may have to register as a decorator (I was registered already but it doesn't take any special information). That was a great way to narrow down colors - although I still bought 20 sample quarts at least!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Phoebe Howard Beige Colors

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Love that Lattice! Not sure I have ever seen it but I can see why you love living with it :)

Where did you get your dining room chandelier? I am on the hunt and want something that color with crystals but am having a hard time!

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Sorry Nini!

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When we built this house I wanted a nice light neutral tan, that I used almost everywhere. It was SW SofterTan. I have since reprinted every room, but that color was really good for a nice all over warm neutral.

This is the only good pic I could find of the color and it was during construction.

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anyone try the wool skein its two lighter than Universal Khaki and one lighter than Relaxed Khaki

I couldn't find simply beige. I did find one called simplify beige though. Do you think it was that? SW 6085

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We recently did the same thing. Spent a couple months looking for the right all around single color. We settled on BM Crisp Khaki. Being also on a budget, we had Home Depot color match it into Behr Ultra paint for half the price of BM. Also used SW Anew Gray in the DR, also in Behr. Both good neutrals.

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Hey Athensmom,
I *think* that fixture came from Cspital, or possibly Murray Fiess or Quiozel (those were the 3 we ordered from, but I am pretty sure that one was from Capital.)
Your house is looking awesome!

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